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Our planet is faced with diverse environmental challenges: climate change in relation to energy efficiency and carbon footprint, raw material depletion in relation to material consumption and recycling, biodiversity and the safety of people and environment in relation to hazardous substances and wastes…

Faced with these challenges, numerous initiatives are in progress to set up rules or standards at national and international levels. In the electrical industry in particular, measures are being taken to address hazardous substances, energy efficiency, recycling and waste. In this way, the national and international committees try to protect the planet’s environment by enforcing regulations that require eco-designed products, waste management and restrict the use of certain harmful substances and chemicals.

With these problems in mind, Schneider Electric created a programme called The Green Premium designed to provide honest, transparent information on the environmental impact of a product. Started in 2008 to provide customers with healthier products and to be transparent with environmental and regulatory information, 85% of APC by Schneider Electric products sales come from Green Premium offers. This popularity is due to it’s portfolio of products, services and solutions, alongside the consistant collaboration with third-party organisations to help customers meet their sustainability goals.

  • Transparent environmental information about Schneider Electric products available digitally 24/7.

  • Minimal use of hazardous substances in, and beyond, compliance with regulations to help customers achieve sustainable performance.

  • Environmental Disclosures such as Product Environemntal Profiles (PEP) to provide robust environmental information.

  • Circularity Profiles to provide guidance on responsible product end-of-life treatmnets along with circular value propositions.

The Green Premium Brand Promise

The Foundations of sustainable performance

Resource Performance
CO2 and P&L impact – Green Premium brings improved resource efficiency throughout an asset’s lifecycle. This includes efficient use of energy and natural resources, along with the minimisation of CO2 emissions.

Circular Performance
Cost of Ownership Optimisation – We’re helping our customers optimise the total cost of ownership of their assets. To do this, we provide IoT-enabled solutions, as well as upgrade, repair, retrofit and remanufacture service.

Well-being Performance
Peace of mind – Green Premium products are RoHS and REACh compliant. We’re going beyond regulatory compliance with step-by-step substitution of certain materials and substances from our products.

With the Green Premium eco-mark, Schneider Electric provides a tool to help customers calculate their carbon footprint, anticipate and ensure full regulatory compliance concerning substances and chemicals, deliver all appropriate information to develop the eco-design of the solution and reduce the end of life costs by optimising the recyclability of products.They also offer a recyclable portfolio and make it easier for you to dispose of concerning substances and chemicals that could potentially affect you with alternate product ranges and certainly old generation tech.

The foundation of sustainable performance


Resource performance

Green Premium offers improved resource-efficiency throughout an asset’s life cycle. This includes the efficient use of energy along with the minimization of CO2 emissions, water, air, and other natural resources. We perform Life Cycle Assessments and provide comprehensive and verified environmental footprint information of our offers, available digitally.

  • Circular performance

    We’re helping our customers optimize the total cost of ownership of their assets. For this, we provide IoT-enabled offers, as well as upgrade, repair, retrofit and remanufacture services. Green Premium offers also come with digitally available ‘Circularity profiles’, providing information on the product circularity, end-of-life instructions, and take-back services.

  • Well-being performance

    We’re helping our customers to best protect their people from environmental risks they face. Green Premium offers are RoHS and REACH compliant. We’re going beyond regulatory requirements with step-by-step substitution of certain materials and substances in our products. Compliance certificates are digitally available.

What is a Green Premium product?

Green Premium products provide detailed information on their regulatory cocmpliance, material content, environmental impact and circularity attributes. They deliver market-driven value propositions through third-party labels and product certifications that support our customers’ sustainability ambitions.
To recieve the Green Premium label, products must:
• Have reliable information regulated substances present in products, their environmental impact, and circular instructions
• Have tailored value propositions which provide differentiation
• Be validated by leading third-party labels increases the credibility of our products
Explore our range of Green Premium products by APC by Schneider Electric Products.

Explore our range of Green Premium Products.


What is a Green Premium service?

Green Premium services implement circular economy principles such as durability, upgradeability and recyclability to move beyond the “take, make and dispose” industrial model. In utilising these services, our customers reduce their environmental impact and optimise the total cost of ownership of their assets.

What is a Green Premium solution?

Green Premium solutions utilise IoT-enabled offers and digital tools to efficiently use energy and other natural resources. They enable our customers to reduce their environmental impact and minimise their CO2 footprint.

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