Climate Change is once again in the news with 100’s of thousands of passionate US citizens marching in Washington, including Richard Branson and the former US President Al Gore, all highlighting their concerns at protecting our planet.

From a personal perspective, Comms Express are pleased that many of our clients are looking to limit their carbon footprint and in turn the many installers and the customers they work with. Their task is made so much easier with the huge strides taken by the likes of Schneider Electric.

Our friends at Schneider Electric continue to innovate and change our lives via the environments we work, rest and play in. In short, they have been protecting the UK’s power for over 40 years.

It’s no surprise that Schneider Electric are at the vanguard of placing environmental awareness at the forefront of the tech industry with their Green Premium Eco-mark scheme. This certainly simplifies things for those of us who care about our planet and our families and wish to start curtailing our carbon footprint with just a few simple measures.

Their Eco-labelling system is excellent, and cut’s through the faff. Allowing perspective clients and end users to understand the environmental benefits of key product ranges. Adapted through years of study and strict self-regulation, customers can now calculate and confirm the compliance status of their projects.

Such schemes as the Green Premium Eco-mark allow us all to capture:

360° environmental information

Easy carbon footprint calculation.

Minimal use of hazardous substances (RoHS, REACh).

The easiest way to find information about your products.

Sustainable performance.

Optimised recycling.

With the ability to regulate their own Eco-mark, Schneider Electric offer a recyclable portfolio and make it easier for you guys to dispose of concerning substances and chemicals that could potentially affect you with alternate product ranges and certainly old generation tech.

Why not check out Schneider Electrics short film and see how your family, clients and workplace can be made as safe and as Eco-friendly as possible. It’s two minutes that will make sure you can make the correct decisions and make your life smarter for less.


Not only is choosing Schneider Electric great for the environment, it is great for the pocket as well. We stock a whole raft of APC Back-UPS, and our current promotions include a great saving on the APC BE700G-UK Back-UPS 700VA. Previously £72.22 it is NOW: £66.96 for a limited time only!! With Eco-performance of paramount importance the APC BE700G has the “Green mode” energy saving feature, which automatically powers off peripheral electronics when the master device, usually a PC, hibernates or is shut down.

APC by Schneider Electric products have certainly proved a hit with green aware consumers with an incredible 75 % of their sales attributable to their Green Premium product range.

Life is most certainly On with Schneider Electric.

Until next time…