NETGEAR’s networking solutions enable businesses to focus on their core operations by providing easy-to-use, cutting-edge products that cover the entire business space with WiFi, connect to the internet and suppliers, and scale as the business grows – all without the need for a full IT team

  • NETGEAR offers networking solutions that allow businesses to focus on their core operations rather than IT management.
  • NETGEAR’s products provide easy-to-use, cutting-edge networking capabilities without the need for a full IT team.
  • NETGEAR’s networking solutions are scalable, cost-effective, and secure, suitable for various business environments.

Q: How do NETGEAR’s networking solutions benefit businesses?

A: NETGEAR’s networking solutions allow businesses to focus on their core operations rather than IT management. They provide easy-to-use, cutting-edge networking capabilities without the need for a full IT team, and are scalable, cost-effective, and secure for various business environments.

NETGEAR’s range of easy-to-use, cutting-edge products allows you to run your business better and faster than ever before!

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NETGEAR’s networking products can help you grow by:

  • Covering your entire business space with WiFi regardless of size.
  • Everything is installable without the need for an expensive IT team.
  • Connecting your business to the internet and your suppliers with ease.
  • As your business grows you can add additional management capabilities.

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The Essential Network Ecosystem

  • NETGEAR offers connectivity, affordability, and security all in one!
  • Products are designed for converged networks.
  • Get security and performance with Smart Managed switching features.


Easy-to-use, powerful WiFi

Upgrade your business to get next-level speed, coverage, and capacity by using WiFi 6!

NETGEAR Business solutions header image Up to 70% faster NETGEAR Business solutions header image 50% more coverage
NETGEAR Business solutions header image 4 times more device capacity NETGEAR Business solutions header image Innovative mesh technology


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NETGEAR WiFi devices:

  • Support next-generation WiFi 6 devices.
  • Offer up to 40% more throughput to each 5GHz device
  • Offer up to 70% more throughput to the 2.4GHz band.
  • Provide better speed and less congestion for users.
  • Are ideal for schools, hotels, restaurants or other high-density environments.


Scalable, cost-effective switches for everyone

NETGEAR offers a wide range of switches that are ideal for every need. Some key features include:

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows you to place devices anywhere without worry about where your power outlets sit.
  • Quick and easy connections to cloud storage and other services.
  • Quickly fix and adjust factors of your network through remote management.


NETGEAR management solutions.

To easily manage your NETGEAR products, NETGEAR offers management solution options to help you streamline your operation. Some key features of their management solutions include:

  • Instant setup and discovery.
  • Auto-join and configure options (zero-touch provisioning) allow for centralized network configuration policies.
  • Single-pane-of-glass view provides multi-site and remote network monitoring and management.
  • No need for any additional cloud controller, appliance, network manager, or PC/server.
  • Some NETGEAR products even some with a 1-year subscription to NETGEAR Insight included.

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NETGEAR Instant Captive Portal.

If you want to open your WiFi network to customers NETGEAR Instant Captive Portal provides a login page to allow people to access your network. Instant Captive Portal provides:

  • Customers with better WiFi speeds and less congestion to face.
  • Enterprise-grade WiFi network security.
  • Ideal for high-density environments like schools, restaurants, hotels, and conference centers.

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NETGEAR Prosupport

Have the ultimate peace of mind with comprehensive support plans by NETGEAR to ensure maximum network uptime. This extends and enhances the standard warranty and support available to ensure any potential problems are resolved quickly. Pro supports includes:

  • Protection against unexpected damage.
  • Connections to experienced NETGEAR experts who know the products best.
  • 24/7 service.
  • Help to quickly resolve any issues.

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NETGEAR Switches

NETGEAR Switches
NETGEAR offers Ethernet switches for all with multiple management styles, port counts, PoE capabilities, and port speed options!

Types of switches:

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NETGEAR Wireless

NETGEAR Wireless
Get faster speeds and better coverage with NETGEAR wireless business options. Secure WiFi and access points ensure your devices have strong connections without any slowdowns no matter how much space needs to be covered.

Types of switches:

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NETGEAR WiFi Routers

NETGEAR WiFi Routers
NETGEAR has WiFi routers with varying speeds, technologies, and features to suit every need. Their selection includes dual-band, tri-band, and gigabit routers!

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This is just a brief look at the Netgear Range, if you require more Netgear equipment for your business, you can check our Netgear microsite for a wide range of Netgear products to suit your needs.


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