Irisys Vector 4D people counting sensor header image

The Irisys SafeCount Live Occupancy Monitoring Solution helps businesses comply with social distancing and occupancy guidelines by anonymously counting people as they enter and exit buildings and rooms.Suitable for buildings of all sizes, even those with multiple entrances and exits, SafeCount delivers live occupancy data with visual warnings and alerts when limits are approached or exceeded.

SafeCount Key Features

    • Real-time occupancy monitoring solution
    • Staff detection utilising special lanyards allow for persons to be exempt from counting
    • Notifications for meeting and exceeding occupancy limits
      • Visual alerts utilising linked traffic light or display accessories
      • Occupancy levels are fully customisable
    • Ability to monitor single or multiple entrances and exits
    • Sensor counting is kept anonymous ensuring privacy for everybody
    • Over 99% accuracy of counting even with people in close proximity of each other
    • Counting ability stays accurate regardless of light levels or other environmental conditions
    • Sensors operate in their own standalone system and does not require an internet connection
    • Scalable functionality using SafeCount Plus can provide occupancy reports across multiple installations.

    The SafeCount Plus cloud platform supports an unlimited number of buildings in different locations and time zones. Its advanced reporting enables managers to easily review, compare and analyze occupancy data to identify locations that are not complying with occupancy restrictions, allowing them to take action.

    Accurate and Anonymous Person Detection

    The Irisys Vector 4D is the most advanced people counter in the world with unrivalled count accuracy. Vector 4D collects reliable and anonymous data following preset occupancy limits to provide real-time updates for multiple entrances and exits on whether access is permitted or restricted. This allows for effortless adherence to ever-changing occupancy regulations and restrictions.