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What is a USB Hub/Dock?

A USB hub acts like a docking station to enable you to connect all of your devices, charge your phone, and connect multiple monitors. Simply plug in your USB hub into a USB port on your computer and enjoy your premium docking station experience.

Benefits of UBS hubs include access to a private LAN network with Gigabit Ethernet speeds, the ability to extend your monitor onto a second screen, transferring files from SD cards and USB 3.0 devices, and the availability to charge your devices. What’s more – you can enjoy all of these benefits simultaneously.

To ensure solutions are available for all requirements, D-Link Hubs are available with a wide range of options on size and features. Get everything from 4-in-1 to 8-in-1’s and include SD-card slots, HDMI, Ethernet ports, and more!

Are your USB Ports Full?

Do you need extra ports available? A D-Link Hub can provide additional ports for your laptop, desktop, and games console, alongside other devices. These portable devices are small enough to fit in your pocket, and with plug-and-play installation, they’re always ready to go!

One Port, Many Possibilities!

1. Add Wired Ethernet

D-Link Hubs offer easy and effective ways to add wired connections to your device. For even faster connections, D-Link also provides hubs that can provide Fast Ethernet with speeds up to 2.5G.

2. Add HDMI

HDMI can easily be added to your device with several of the D-Link Hubs available. See the chart below to see what models provide the features you’re after.

3. Add a Card Reader

Some hubs can even provide you with a card reader for microSD and SD cards.

4. Add Everything!

Some D-Link hubs can let you have it all! Add HDMI, Ethernet, Card Readers, and Power Delivery all with one hub!

D-Link Hubs comparison chart
D-Link Hubs comparison chart

New PD3.0 Hubs

D-Link’s newest range of hubs uses USB-C to allow users to charge devices and laptops at the same time. The Power Delivery feature allows you to connect your USB-C charger into the hub’s USB-C port to provide power through the hub and your laptop.

See the Range

Simply connect your hub and enjoy the additional ports and features in seconds! See our most popular D-Link hubs and find the perfect model for you!

D-Link DUB-M810 8-in-1 USB-C Hub

with HDMI/Ethernet/Card Reader/Power Delivery

D-Link DUB-M810 8-in-1 USB-C Hub
This 8-in-1 USB-C enables you to instantly add a second display, an SD card reader, a Gigabit Ethernet port, three additional USB 3.0 ports, a USB Type-C port, and charging abilities.


  • Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity
  • High Fidelity Video Compatibility
  • SD Card Compatibility
  • Plug-and-play, no software required
  • Thunderbolt 3

Buy D-Link DUB-M810 8-in-1 USB-C Hub


D-Link DUB-M610 6-in-1 USB-C Hub

with HDMI/Card Reader/Power Delivery

D-Link DUB-M610 6-in-1 USB-C Hub
Add a second display, SD card reader, and two additional USB 3.0 ports with HDMI, card reader, and power delivery features available with this 6-in-1 USB-C Hub!


  • Ultra-Fast USB 3.0
  • Dual-Slot SD Card Reader
  • High Fidelity Video Compatibility
  • Versatile and Convenient
  • Sturdy Aluminium Casing

Buy D-Link DUB-M610 6-in-1 USB-C Hub


D-Link 7-Port Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Hub

with HDMI/Card Reader/Power Delivery

D-Link 7-Port Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Hub
Easily add seven USB 2.0 ports to your computer with the DUB-H7/B to allow you to connect with more devices. The USB ports can even double up as chargers with its Fast Charge Mode.


  • Easy expansion
  • Backwards compatible with USB 1.1
  • Fast Charge Mode
  • Compact and portable
  • Sync and charge your mobile devices

Buy D-Link 7-Port Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Hub


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