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68% of business leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing

And they are right.*

Attacks are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, and the stakes are becoming higher. A GDPR breach could set your company back at least £20 million.

Therefore, having a complete security plan for your business is going to be vital. Luckily, Aruba have a list of top tips to help keep your business safe.

Tip #1.
Give Users The Right Access

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Because users roam and IoT devices are being used everywhere, Wi-Fi software with role-based access control is the way to go. It lets you minimise the number of SSIDs being used, while still letting you differentiate access per user or device type, whether it’s a guest, printer or even the Apple TV someone brought in to work.

Tip #2.
Build Application-Friendly Policies

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Apply extra security based on location, application being used or traffic type. Automated policy enforcement makes it easy. Now you don’t have to worry about guest traffic interfering with an employee’s business-critical apps, regardless of location or time of day.

Tip #3.
Use The Latest Wi-Fi Security Standards

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WPA2 Wi-Fi security doesn’t cut it anymore. Security vulnerabilities have recently been uncovered in WPA2 that expose networks and clients to potential password phishing attacks. Protect yourself from unnecessary risk by ensuring the wireless equipment you choose is certified to support WPA3 with Enhanced Open with Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE).

Tip #4.
Choose Wi-Fi Access Points With Built-In Intrusion Protection

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Unknown access points on your network can keep IT up at night. Wi-Fi access points need to include wireless intrusion protection that helps you spot and shut down a rogue or interfering AP, or other devices that potentially can pose a threat. The best part is that the network alerts an IT administrator about unwanted threats.

Tip #5.
Manage Web Access With Built-In Content Filtering

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Preventing users from accessing malicious content is difficult, and keeping up with the ever-expanding list of unsafe Internet sites is almost impossible. A good way to keep your network safe is to choose a Wi-Fi solution that includes an easy way to filter by URL, location or IP address to promote safe browsing.

Tip #6.
Select A Vendor Where Security Is Top Of Mind

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While strong network security is a smart choice, with more users connecting with multiple devices from multiple locations – consider adding centralised user and device-level control. An external policy server can be a lifesaver. Make sure built-in security features integrate seamlessly with advanced security solutions, where a full set of API’s can help you cover your bases.

Accenture Security Whitepaper

Ninth Annual Cost of Cybercrime Study – Unlocking the value of improved cybersecurity protection (2019) Read more.


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