In an unassuming street in London lays The Ministry of Sound.

Residing in an abandoned Bus Garage, the club sees over 300,000 clubbers every year.

With a dedication to sound quality and a love of house music, the Ministry of Sound has been partying in Elephant and Castle for nearly three decades.

The Ministry of Sound won the IDMA award for “World’s Best Sound System” for four years in a row – every year that award was run.

Behind the scenes, the demand for quality technology was just as strong. Changes in workplace trends and increased data-rich applications meant that the Ministry of Sound needed an overhaul of their office networks.

Zyxel stepped in to help and created a network which helped improve their network and help staff achieve productivity.

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The Challenges

The Ministry of Sound needed to improve their office networks to suit their rapidly changing workplace culture.

Remote and flexible work means that network folders and software needed to be accessed anywhere. Cloud was the best option.

The migration to the cloud would mean an upgrade to a lot of software. Office 366, Adobe Cloud Management Suite and Microsoft OneDrive were brought in to store and run the day-to-day operations.

Ministry of Sound knew they needed to move to a faster network setup, and Zyxel’s switching technology was perfect for the job.


Zyxel’s Solution

Previously, each switch across the club and offices had its own interface and had to be managed separately.

Zyxel installed a switch to act as the centralised management console. This connected multiple GS2210 24-port switches together.

Zyxel created two LANs, one for the office and one for the club. They placed ten 24-port GS2210s in the office and five in the club. This allowed both sides of the company to run separately from each other with greater bandwidth. It also meant that switches could be centrally managed and controlled.

The Zyxel GS2210 is a Layer 2 Gigabit switch, which comes in a range of port sizes. The 24-port option offers 24X GbE RJ-45 ports and 4x combo ports. The series allows for enhanced control and isolation for better convergence of video, voice and data. The switch is on the Zyxel One Network, which offers unified and streamlined switch management.

The switch offers a great mix of L2, L3 and L4 features and has been designed with hospitality in mind. The switch provides MAC freezing, port isolation and guest VLAN as well as a huge host of other features.

Zyxel’s XS1920-12 10 Gigabit switches were implemented to create a storage network. It gave the Ministry of sound a cost-effective way to expand and deploy their storage solution. This setup also helped the company cope with more complex lighting systems and sound equipment, which the company reputation is built on.

These great switches offer affordable 10GbE network connectivity for SMB companies. It features robust networking features to ensure network availability, even during outside attacks.

The network was now much more resilient and allowed their club and staff to work freely and productively to produce high-quality results. As all these switches come with Zyxel One Network Utility, the switches can work in perfect harmony and can run from just one interface.

Zyxel’s network switches are perfect for all businesses but are built with hospitality in mind. If your hospitality business needs a better network, speak to our team about Zyxel for free on 0800 488 0000.