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The APC Back-UPS BX systems provide the perfect combination of quality vs economical for more price conscious customers. The BX series covers all the basic power protection and backup needs of devices commonly found in the home or in small offices.

Keep the devices you rely on for communication, security, and entertainment on and protected against power damage.

Where can the BX be used?

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Home Office Home Entertainment Smart Home
• Modem / Router
• PC Desktop
• PC Monitor
• Network-attached Storage
• Modem / Router
• TV Box
• Television
• Music Speaker
• Modem / Router
• Smart Speaker
• Home Security / Surveillance Camera


How can the BX help to protect my uptime?

Power Surge Protection Refined Power Supply Instant Power
APC EASY UPS header image
Stabilise the main electrical line voltage entering you connected devices Helps to protect you devices against dips and spikes in your power supply Get instant power to your equipment as soon as the mains power goes out


BX Back-UPS Product Features

Sufficient Runtime
Get 50% Load with 6.7 min to 7.7 min back up time, or get 100% Load with 1 min full series back up time.

Wide Input Voltage Range
Allows for unstable power environmnet protection of 140 – 300V

Built In AVR + Surge
By correcting the sustained voltage fluctuations the BX UPS can save on battery life. Surge helps to protect your device against lightning and spikes by converting different voltage inputs to meet what is required.

Comprehensive VA range
The APC BX range is available in models ranging from 500VA to 2.2kVA to suit different levels of UPS need.

Communication & Management
Monitoring and staying on top of your UPS has never been easier with APC’s Power Chute technology.

Communication Interface
Easily check on status management through connecting the USB cable.

Value Added ID outlook
As this device is created for home users too, it has been given a sleek design to be a stylish addition to any home.

How much runtime do you need?

See the runtime available across different UPS devices to match your needs best. Would your UPS system be used for…

1. An entry level desktop PC with a 20″ monitor with an internet modem and router? (around 40 watts)

BX500MI BX750MI BX950MI BX1200MI BX1600MI BX2200MI
52 mins 64 mins 80 mins 88 mins 140 mins 174 mins


2. An entry level PC, network gateway, and internet modem and router? (around 80 watts)

BX500MI BX750MI BX950MI BX1200MI BX1600MI BX2200MI
23.5 mins 26.5 mins 32 mins 34 mins 51 mins 77.6 mins


3. A mid range PC with 20″ LED, a laptop, network gateway, and internet modem and router? (around 120 watts)

BX500MI BX750MI BX950MI BX1200MI BX1600MI BX2200MI
13.1 mins 16 mins 19 mins 25.8 mins 35 mins 59 mins


4. A performance PC with 24″ LED monitor, external powered speakers, and internet modem and router? (around 240 watts)

BX500MI BX750MI BX950MI BX1200MI BX1600MI BX2200MI
1.8 mins 5.4 mins 7.5 mins 8.7 mins 16.2 mins 25 mins


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