As regular readers of our blog will attest, we love nothing better than to bring you a great offer, and no surprise, we feature a great one within this blog.

We have partnered with our friends at Fluke Network allowing you to ‘GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIME.’

Fluke Network’s DSX range has been introduced to build upon the Fluke Networks DTX CableAnalyzer™ legacy and developed to save you money. Built with legendary Fluke Networks ruggedness and reliability, you can now choose to upgrade any of your old certification testers.

Holding on to your old DTX will soon be like working with an old PC: “no change, no progress”. The DSX-5000 is equipped with Versiv’s PROJX™ MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that makes both instrument and project setup easy and foolproof. Combined with LINKWARE™ LIVE it provides unmatched job visibility and superior job control from anywhere at any time.

A DSX-5000 tests Cat 6A infrastructure twice as fast and with it, you’ll be FUTURE-READY as well, given that onboard TCL and Resistance Unbalance measurements are likely to be included in tomorrow’s field test requirements.

So what is the offer?

We are rightly very pleased to say that for a limited time only our Comms Express customers will have the opportunity to trade in their old certification testing units – no matter the brand or model, for a brand new Fluke Networks Versiv DSX-5000 /T, DSX-5000Qi/T or DSX-5000QOi/T.

Qualification for this incredible offer is simple. By trading in, customers will automatically receive £1,375 off their new unit. From here all you have to do is fill in the trade-in form at and send their old units back to Fluke within 4 weeks.

Easy!  And we think you’ll agree, a fairly significant saving.

Further details on the offer and the incredible benefits of Fluke Versiv are available via the link: Click Here

Fluke Networks have such confidence have in their products. The capability to set up networks faster; improved testing times; reduced mistakes thanks to its user-friendly, fast learning capabilities; faster reporting and future-proofed to allow network installers to certify future installations is the bedrock to this fantastic offer.

Until next time…