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Reliable 2K Protection

See whos at your door before you open it with EzViz’s DB2 doorbell kit. Created with multiple advanced features included, it is also reliable in all weather types and extremely simple to install. Voice-changing features and no-filming privacy zones provide users with an additional layer of privacy protection.

EzViz 2K Resolution image EzViz Smart Human Motion Detection image EzViz 176 Ultra-Wide Field of View image EzViz 5,200 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery image
2K Resolution Smart Human Motion Detection 176 Ultra-Wide Field of View 5,200 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery
EzViz Wi-Fi Chime Included image EzViz Multiple Ringtones Available image EzViz No-Filming Privacy Zones image EzViz Voice Changer image
Wi-Fi Chime Included Multiple Ringtones Available No-Filming Privacy Zones Voice Changer
EzViz IR Night Vision image EzViz Anti-Tamper Alarmimage EzViz Weatherproof Design image EzViz H.265 Video Technology image
IR Night Vision Anti-Tamper Alarm Weatherproof Design H.265 Video Technology

Made to Fit your Home

The EzViz DB2 doorbell comes in two colour options to allow you to choose a design that best fits your home. Apartment, condo, or villa, the DB2 is ready for every home.
EzViz DB2 doorbell designs image

2K Video Resolution

No longer will you be left frustrated with pixelated or blurry videos. The DB2 comes with 2K video resolution to allow you to see everything happen on your doorstep with clarity. With infrared night vision reaching 5 meters, you can have security peace of mind 24/7.
EzViz 2K Video Resolution image

One Kit Solution

Depending on the size of your property, you may struggle to hear the ring of your doorbell from certain areas of your home. By pairing your DB2 doorbell with an EzViz indoor chime, you make sure you never miss the door again. What’s more, the EzViz chime can also help to extend your Wi-Fi signal, boost the network of your doorbell, and ensure more stable connectivity.
EzViz One Kit Solution image

Easy Setup, Long Battery

This wireless weatherproof doorbell is the ideal option for those who are less than confident with their electrician skills. Simply stick your doorbell wherever you want it, and the battery life should last for around 4 months before you will need to do anything else.
EzViz Easy Setup, Long Battery image

See the Whole Picture

With a 176-degree viewing angle, you can enjoy an ultra-wide viewing window. With multiple mounting plates available you can also angle your camera for the ultimate viewing experience catered to your specific setup scenario.
EzViz See the Whole Picture image

Stay in the Know

The EzViz DB2 doorbell is able to detect both human-shape and Passive Infrared (PIR) to distinguish people from pets or objects. Set up alert trigger conditions to keep you alerted on specific scenarios.
EzViz motion detection image

Talk Through the Door

With a simple tap you can talk to friends or deliveries without needing to physically get to the door. This is ideal for if you live alone and don’t want to open the door to a stranger, or if you are out when a delivery is at your door. For extra peace of mind, a voice changer is available to help conceal your identity.
EzViz Talk Through the Door image

Hard to Tamper With

Keep your doorbell and home secure with anti-tamper alarms and unique cloud account binding. If your doorbell is ever forcibly removed, a sharp alarm will sound whilst sending you an instant mobile alert to inform you of the situation. If your doorbell is taken, DB2 will restrict account access to prohibit unauthorized use.
EzViz Hard to Tamper With image

Reduce Storage Space

With advanced H.265 video compression technology, the DB2 can reduce the required bandwidth and storage space whilst keeping high video quality.
EzViz Reduce Storage Space image

Secure Data and Privacy Protection

Set up specific no-filming privacy zones through the EzViz app to ensure recording only occurs when it is appropriate and allowed. When a recording is made it becomes fully encrypted from end to end to ensure your data remains private and secure.
EzViz Secure Data and Privacy Protection image

Safe, Flexible Storage Options

Choose between local or cloud-based recordings based on your preferences. Using a microSD card in your indoor chime, you can save your recordings locally without worrying about data loss through a damaged or lost doorbell. Alternatively, EzViz CloudPlay is available with unlimed storage space and an additional layer of data protection.
EzViz afe, Flexible Storage Options image

EzViz App

With the EzViz app, you can capture, save, protect, and share what is valuable to you at the click of a button.
EzViz App image

EzViz DB2 Products Available

EzViz DB2 Pro 5MP Battery-Powered Video Doorbell Kit

EzViz DB2 Pro Kit 5MP Battery Doorbell, Grey

Buy EzViz DB2 Pro Kit 5MP Battery Doorbell, Grey


EzViz DB2 Pro 5MP Battery-Powered Video Doorbell Kit

EzViz DB2 Pro 5MP Battery-Powered Video Doorbell Kit

Buy EzViz DB2 Pro 5MP Battery-Powered Video Doorbell Kit


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