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Lindy: Cables built for performance, reliability, and every need. Explore their extensive range, from HDMI to USB, for home, office, and pro use.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vast cable selection for any application: HDMI, USB, Ethernet, Power, and more.
  • Four distinct ranges cater to specific needs and budgets: Gold, Cromo, Anthra, Black Line.
  • High-quality materials and construction for lasting performance.

Q: What are Lindy’s cable ranges?

A: Lindy offers four cable ranges: Gold, Cromo, Anthra, and Black Line. Each caters to specific uses and budgets

Looking at Lindy’s 25 years of providing high-quality, reliable products, it’s no surprise to find out they are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of cables! Lindy has cable solutions to cover any need you may have, whether it be for home, office, or workplace environments.

Combining their years of expert knowledge and their high-performance cables, Lindy’s range of cabling solutions far surpasses that of the traditional limits of signal transmission. From HDMI and DisplayPort to USB, Ethernet, and Power, Lindy’s cables all provide you with the ultimate performance and reliability.

Lindy’s cables are split into four main ranges; Gold, Cromo, Anthra, and Black Line to help customers easily find their best cable range based on performance, design, and price. Now, allow me to introduce you to the wonderful world of Lindy cables.

Reinforced Connectors – Fully sealed, protective connector hoods surround the adapter.

Increased Shielding – For maximum EMI & RF resistance, high-density triple/double shielding, and a robust PVC protective jacket are used.

Maximum Signal Strength – To improve signal strength, large-gauge, high-purity copper conductors with double-sided mylar bonded foil shields and copper braiding are used.

Strengthened Stress Relief – To increase the lifespan of the cable, heavy-duty PVC fusion strain relief is used to strengthen the cable.

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LINDY Gold Line Cables

No Compromise

LINDY Gold Line Cables
Lindy’s Gold Line range is distingishable by its distinctive gold plated, full metal connectors. This gold plating not only adds to the cables striking appearance but also adds additional strength to your adapter. The Gold Line range is ideal for even the most demanding environments with its incredible bandwidth over the longest distance and capabilities for lossless signal transmission.

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LINDY Cromo Line Cables

Design & Performance

LINDY Cromo Line Cables
Ideal for prosumer and commercial AV applications use where high levels of performance and design are both essential. The unique chrome design connectors with gold-plated contacts deliver incredibly reliable performance.

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LINDY Anthra Line Cables

Professional Choice

LINDY Anthra Line Cables
Ensure content is delivered reliably no matter what the environment, with Lindy’s Anthra line. Finely tuned for installers with high-quality copper cable construction, this line has been designed and tested for commercial use and high-performance professional AV and IT installation.

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LINDY Black Line Cables

Universal Connections

LINDY Black Line Cables
The Black Line id the idedal solution for home and small office applications with universal connectivity and entry level cable solutions. Using Lindy’s advanced design and robust construction techniques, the black line will reliably meet the demands of any modern devices and peripherals.

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