It can be hard to imagine the perfect network, that ticks over like clockwork with minimal input. A network can quickly be taken for granted, that our reliance to direct traffic to communicate internally and externally won’t naturally increase. Several factors can cause an increase:

  • Sharing larger files
  • More connected devices
  • Employment
  • Security and Monitoring
  • Customer engagement (inc. website traffic)

No matter how big or small a company is, its network is vital. Switches are what help create that network; it is a building block that allows for wireless access, data, voice and video transmissions to occur as required.

The switch connects computers, printers, phones, cameras, lights, and servers in a building or campus. Switches allow for the sharing of information and resources, saving businesses money and increase employee productivity. But the business will only save money if running effectively – the money could be poured more into maintenance or worst case scenario, recovering from a loss of trade!

Having the infrastructure to cope with business demand should be a priority to plan for. Even if it is not actioned, your company at least knows what needs to be done to upscale.

Cisco Small Business network switches are a simple, secure and reliable solution to replace or integrate into your setup. Whether you need high-performance with a magnitude of features, or a switch to get your business started, Cisco offers easy-to-manage switches.

Should you still have any questions about your network switch requirements, please contact our team who will be able to help tailor a solution to your needs.