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Eaton believes that power is a fundamental part of just about everything people do, and as a global power management company they are dedicated to helping you to manage power reliably, efficiently, safely, and sustainably.

For more than 100 years Eaton have been working towards helping people work more safely, become more energy efficient, and to live more sustainably.

With a large team of employees all equally dedicated to developing innovative products and manufacturing excellence, it is no wonder Eaton has such a large collection of popular, reliable products in their arsenal.

Although we can’t cover them all, we can show you a peek into what makes Eaton so successful with our most popular Eaton products.

Introducing our Top 5 Eaton Product Ranges!

Eaton 9PX UPS

Exceptional efficiency, manageability, and energy metering capabilities for IT managers


The perfect UPS for businesses that are concerned with the cost of energy, the 9PX provides double conversion protection with 40% less energy usage. Ideal for small & medium data centers, IT rooms, and infrastructure.


  • New graphical LCD display
  • kWh values can be monitored using the LCD or Intelligent Power® Software
  • Internal bypass allows service continuity in case of internal fault
  • Maintenance bypass for easy replacement of the UPS without powering down critical systems
  • Achieve twice the power of unitary products using HotSync technology
  • Enable prioritised shutdowns of nonessential equipment to maximize battery runtime
  • Serial, USB and relay connectivity, plus an extra slot for an optional communication card
  • Intelligent Power® Software
  • Eaton ABM® battery management
  • 12 external hot-swappable battery modules

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Eaton 5PX Gen2 UPS

Exceptional efficiency, manageability, and energy metering capabilities for IT managers


This best-in-class line-interactive power protection offers powerful tools for remote monitoring, IT architecture integration, and the ability to remotely deploy and maintain a large base of UPSs.


  • Increased standard runtime by at least 25%
  • Reduced risk of intrusion with the optional Gigabit Network Card
  • Enhanced surge protection
  • Enhanced power density
  • Energy Star 2.0 certified
  • Best-in-class efficiency performance to reduce energy consumption and cooling costs
  • Reduced risk of intrusion with the optional Gigabit Network Card

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Eaton Ellipse PRO UPS

Designed to protect workstations with demanding applications, the Ellipse PRO is a high-performance, surge-protection device that complies with IEC 61643 standards. Key features include an LCD display for real-time status and measurements, EcoControl power outlets, and Advanced Surge Reduction.


  • LCD screen display
  • Easy configuration of UPS settings
  • Automatically disables peripherals
  • Can cut energy consumption by 20%
  • Easy to install
  • Batteries automatically test themselves
  • Easy-to-replace batteries

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Eaton Ellipse ECO UPS

Smart Managed PoE+ Switch with 4 Gigabit SFP Ports

Eaton Ellipse ECO UPS
Compliant with IEC 61643-1 standard, the Ellipse ECO is a slim-line power protector with built-in high-performance surge-protection. Save up to 25% on your energy usage compared to previous UPS systems with the EcoControl function and efficient electrical design.


  • Includes a high performance surge-protection device that complies with IEC 61643-1 standard
  • The Ellipse ECO comes with four – eight outlets with IEC format for easy connection to typical computer configurations with peripherals.
  • Convenient extra-flat design for easy installation in any office environment
  • Protects data connections such as Ethernet, internet, and telephone lines
  • Unlimited warranty for the connected computer equipment
  • Periodic battery self-test ensures early detection of a battery that needs to be replaced.
  • Easy-to-replace battery helps to extend UPS service life
  • Push-button circuit breaker enables easy recovery from an overload or short circuit.

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Eaton 3S Gen2 UPS

Eaton 3S Gen2 UPS  
Eaton’s 3S Gen2 UPS range provides affordable and reliable surge and power protection for your electronics. This is the perfect option for desktop computers, wireless networks, gaming consoles, and other critical equipment.


  • Prevent damage from lightning strikes or accidental grid surge
  • Protect your Internet gateways
  • Compact and appealing design
  • USB ports compatible with any mobile device
  • IEC outlet models available
  • Quality of service (QoS)
  • Compliant with IEC 61643-11 international standard
  • Protect your equipment from overload

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This is just a brief look at the Eaton Range, if you require more Eaton equipment for your business, you can check our Eaton microsite for a wide range of Eaton products to suit your needs.


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