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At the core of Schneider Electric’s purpose, culture, and business, there has always been a strong focus on sustainability. By providing efficiency, transparency, and their expertise to all of their products, they aim to help customers meet their sustainability goals in every way they can.

To make sustainable choices even easier, they have created their Green Premium program to highlight particularly eco friendly products. Seeing this label on products provides you with the data to strategize, digitise, and decarbonise, empowering more sustainable choices!

APC 3 step approach to sustainability image For the results in line with climate ambition the best-in-class companies follow a three-step approach.

Sustainability in Rack PDUs

Did you know that all APC NetShelter PDUs offer Green Premium transparency?

The APC Intelligent PDUs take this even further by enabling the reduction of Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions in four ways:
1. Reduces the overall embodied carbon of the PDU itself
2. Make improvements through tracking energy use at different granularities in real time as well, as historically. This can also help you when you are reporting to stakeholders.
3. After identifying energy wasters you can turn off these devices either remotely or onsite.
4. Reduce the emissions and inefficiencies related to travel and onsite support with remote monitoring and management.

Sustainable capability by APC NetShelter Rack PDU type:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •
Overall Carbon Reduction Metered-by-outlet with switching Switched Metered-by-outlet Metered Basic
Pertaining to Scope 3
Product envrionmental profile available
Tack-back eligible
End-of-life recyclability % 71% 71% 53% 53% 45%
Carbon neutral manufacturing
ROHS compliant
REACH compliant
Embodied carbon (kg CO2 eq per kg of PDU) 15.42 5.55 9.86 9.86 3.5
Pertaining to Scope 1 and Scope 2
Annual CO12 emissions (kg CO2 eq per kg of PDU) 64.70 39.40 24.67 24.67 3.22
PDU level energy use and waste identification
PDU-level remote monitoring
Outlet level energy use and waste identification
Outlet-level remote control/switching
EcoStruxure IT enabled
Better experience for monitoring real-time power consumption
Aggregate data and see power trends from multiple devices and across sites
Historical reporting
Better experience for managing power switching
Calculate and monitor PUE
Precise capacity planning

= Full capacity = Some capability = No capacity

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