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In 2012, Cisco acquired Meraki to provide a scalable, easy-to-use network solution for enterprises of all sizes and simplify network infrastructure. Thanks to their individual approach, Meraki can reach all kinds of small and medium-sized businesses with their WLAN technology.

Meraki offers a family of cloud-managed products, including WiFi access points, Ethernet switches, security devices, CCTV and more.

Zero-touch provisioning means that Meraki is brilliant for companies with limited IT teams or IT agencies looking to reduce site calls.

The key strengths of Cisco Meraki solutions include:

  • rapid cloud deployments,
  • unified management
  • unique analytics

All these things help companies significantly reduce IT management and market research costs.

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How do Cisco Meraki Solutions Work?

  • Install Meraki equipment at the head office or a remote branch of the company
  • Cisco Meraki devices automatically connect to the cloud using SSL encryption, register on your network and download the configuration
  • Your company receives full visualisation and control of the network through an Internet browser

Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Switches available at Comms Express

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Now let’s look a closer look at the benefits of owning a cloud-managed Meraki switch.


1. Quick setup

Getting a new device on the network literally takes minutes. Plug the switch in, and it will start downloading the configuration from the cloud right away. You can even copy the existing config from another switch to speed up things up even more.

2. Simple management

You don’t need to be a networking guru to manage your own local network. The interface is very straightforward. Meraki designed their system to be friendly and easy to use. There’s also plenty of guides and helpful documentation that you can follow on the official website.

Meraki is perfect for IT management teams needing a hands-off approach or small businesses with limited IT resources.

3. Transparent patching

You will always know when a new device firmware is ready to be installed. It only takes a few clicks to schedule updates and then just leave the switch to do its job.

Or you can schedule a maintenance window so the next time there’s an update your switch will be updated automatically.

4. Easy troubleshooting

Meraki did an excellent job providing you with handy troubleshooting, logging, and alerting tools you might need. You can run remote cable tests, packet captures and identifies bandwidth hogs right from the dashboard.

But in case if things do get a little bit complicated…

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5. Free support

All Meraki products come with free of charge enterprise support. You can submit a ticket through the dashboard or use the 24×7 telephone support. Feel free to contact them when there’s an issue or if you just need technical advice.

6. Virtual stacking

If you have multiple switches on the network, you can stack them. This will let you manage the switch ports as if they all were on a single switch which greatly reduces the configuration effort.

7. Dynamic network map

There’s no need to bother with manually drawing the networking map in Visio! Meraki will automatically build the map for you. It will update every time you make a change on the network.

8. Single pane of glass

Meraki is infamous for its dashboard. The slick design and always improving interface will make managing network devices easier than ever. Meraki lets you manage your network through a web browser on a PC or laptop, or through a phone app from anywhere in the world.


9. Neat features

Meraki dashboard is filled with fancy features you never knew you needed. Meraki devices can filter or report traffic on your network based on applications and websites your clients are using. You can easily create rules based on domain names and block or limit speed on certain things.

Feel like you need that extra feature you can’t live without? Click the “Make a wish” button and drop Meraki all your suggestions – yes, they really do read them!

10. Licence management

It’s super easy to add new devices and move them from one network to another. Meraki will also let you know if there is an issue with your licence or if one is expiring soon.

11. Reduced cost

Cloud management reduces cost, overhead and time to resolution. On-premise might appear cheaper at first glance, cloud-managed devices do actually save more money in the long run – mostly thanks to reduced maintenance cost.


Cloud is quickly taking over the IT industry, and Cisco Meraki has already established itself on the market. It built a large customer base thanks to its fresh and unique approach to managing computer networks. Whether you are making a new network or upgrading the current one, Meraki is definitely worth a consideration.


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If you require any further information on these or any other products that we stock here at Comms Express, please do not hesitate to contact our team who will be only too happy to help.

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