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In Stock: 4-6 Weeks
£158.27 Inc VAT
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Tenda TEF1226P 26-Port PoE FE/GE Switch

by Tenda
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Part No:FETEF1226P-24-440W
Manufacturer No:TEF1226P-24-440W
Delivery: In Stock: 4-6 Weeks
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    Tenda TEF1226P 26-Port PoE FE/GE Switch
    The Tenda TEF1226P switch supports 24 PoE ports, which can supply power to most powered devices through 8-core Ethernet cable and the total PoE power can be up to 370W while each PoE port can support the maximum of 40W.

    Lead security transmission power supply to a new height
    • TEF1226P-24-440W 24FE+2GE+2SFP(Combo) Web Smart PoE Switch
    • 6000V Port Lightning Protection
    • long distance transmission 
    • Maximum PoE Output Power 370W
    • PoE power up to 40W for each PoE port
    6KV Lightning Protection PoE switch is the real monitoring private switch

    For surveillance projects, cameras are often installed in an outdoor environment or a higher position, which also increases the camera and PoE switches probability of a lightning shock. This could result in the individual equipment getting damaged or lead to a whole local area network (LAN) paralysis. The Tenda TEF12 series switches have a professional lightning protection design – up to 6kV surge protection, with two levels of protection design respectively, effectively preventing the power of lightning from damaging the cable, which is the equivalent to giving the entire network system a security fence. The test standard is much higher than the national CCC request. In thunderstorm weather, it can also provide monitoring network stability, reliable service and maintain the images transmission.

    Up to 250 metres long distance transmission beyond hundred meters transfer limit

    Due to the complex monitoring environment, when making cabling and networking, it’s very often to encounter the problem of inadequate network transmission distance. The distance of each camera terminal to the monitoring centre is different, some only a few meters, some hundred metres, while others can be kilometres away. The Tenda TEF12 series PoE monitoring switches exclusive patent network extension technology, uses the common existing twisted pair, can support 250 metres data transmission, breaks the existing twisted pair hundred metres transmission limit; Provides a gigabit linked SFP port and can meet the demand of transmission up to 250 metres.


    The total PoE power is 370W, 24 port full load power supply is enough

    The unit’s total PoE power is 370W. It can provide 24 ports of full PoE power supply; One Port PoE supply is 40W, the units PoE power can meet the full requirements of a network. With an eight core power supply design, the network power consumption is reduced to half, highly reducing the power loss over the inferior cable, making sure the camera gets electricity and stability.
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