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Sorry, this item is no longer available from Comms Express.

Geist Water Leak Detection Kit

by Geist
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Manufacturer No:16235
Delivery: Out Of Stock
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    Geist Water Leak Detection Kit
    Note: These products are made-to-order and therefore non-returnable.

    Note: An isolated 5VDC power supply is required to power the EMGWSCK-10-NPS / LD310. A power supply is not included with the EMGWSCK-10-NPS / LD310.

    Protect a room or a data cabinet with this water detection kit.

    • Use this water-sensing kit to detect leaks
    • Connects to a Geist Climate Monitor via Analog Input or Analog to Digital Converter
    • Get alerts by email or SNMP if water is detected
    Water lurks in walls, ceilings, floors and air conditioning evaporator trays - it can kill your gear fast. Detect moisture over a wide area. This leak detection cable can sense the presence of water or other conductive liquid over its entire length. Typically used to protect computer server rooms from water damage, the Leak Detection Kit attaches to a Geist Climate Monitor. When water is detected, the climate monitor sends alerts by e-mail or SNMP trap.

    The sensing cable (orange wire) attaches to the fl oor using small nylon J-clips. The sensing cable connects to the leader cable which attaches to the wall-mounted interface box. An LED on the box provides a visual indication of the system status.

    Connecting to the Geist Climate Monitor

    Four signal wires connect to terminals on the interface box. One pair of wires tells if water was detected, while the other tells if the cable is damaged (cable fault). These wires connect the interface box to the climate monitor. There are two ways to connect the signal wires to the Geist Climate Monitor. One option is to attach the wire to the monitor's Analog Input terminals. The other option, if the monitor is not equipped with Analog Inputs or if none are available for use, is to use a pair of Analog to Digital Converters to connect the interface box's relay outputs to the monitor's digital sensor ports.


    The Geist Climate Monitor continuously monitors the Leak Detection Kit to see if water is detected. If so, the Geist Climate Monitor follows the actions indicated by user-defined alarms. Options include sending alerts through email or SNMP and, depending on the Geist Climate Monitor, trigger an alarm buzzer or energize an output relay. Alarm thresholds are confi gured through the web interface provided by the Geist Climate Monitor.
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