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End of Life Product

If you wish to enquire about this product please contact us on

0800 488 000

Sorry, this item is no longer available from Comms Express.

D-Link DGS-3612G

xStack 12-Port Layer 3+ Gigabit Switch

by D-Link Switch
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Part No:FEDGS-3612G
Manufacturer No:DGS-3612G
Delivery: End of Life Product
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    D-Link DGS-3612G
    xStack 12-Port Layer 3+ Gigabit Switch
    With 12 SFP slots, the DGS-3612G provides a full fibre environment for long distance Ethernet infrastructure. It is particularly suitable for ISPs in their Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) deployments. In addition, four 1000Base-T copper ports acting as combo with 4 of the SFP slots are included for flexibility.

    With D-Link Single IP Management (SIM) technology, up to 32 switch units -regardless of the model- may be combined in a virtual stack. Multiple switches can be configured, monitored and maintained from any workstation running a web browser via a single IP address. The stack is managed as a single object, as all stacked units are identified by this single IP address. A simple yet powerful web-based interface allows the administrator to perform most management and configuration tasks.

    The DGS-3612G includes advanced routing features, such as OSPF v2, Passive Interface, Not-So-Stubby Area (NSSA), Equal Cost Route and RIP. Multicast services such as IP-TV and Video on Demand (VoD) are supported with the inclusion of protocols such as IGMP, MLD and PIM. With Double VLAN (802.1Q-in-Q) support, ISPs can create Layer2 Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and transparent LANs for their customers.

    A complete set of security features is provided for connectivity and access control. These include Access Control Lists (ACLs) based on MAC address, switch port, IP address and/or TCP/UDP port numbers. 802.1X Authentication and MAC address control functionality is furthermore featured. The switch also provides central management for administration access via TACACS/TACACS+ and RADIUS. In addition, when implemented in conjunction with a D-Link NetDefend firewall, this switch is able to automatically quarantine any host displaying abnormal behaviour. This mechanism, D-Link's ZoneDefense, provides proactive network security by preventing viruses from spreading through the network and thwarting harmful network attacks.

    The DGS-3612G switch provides VLAN support including GARP/GVRP, 802.1Q and Guest VLAN to enhance network security and performance. The Guest VLAN feature assigns the user to a "Guest VLAN" dynamically if the user does not login on the RADIUS server. If authentication is successful the user will be assigned to the VLAN that is associated with the login information. The switch implements a robust set of multi-layer (L2, L3, L4) QoS/CoS features to ensure that critical network services like VoIP, ERP, Intranet and video conference are prioritized. Bandwidth control allows administrators to set traffic limits on each port, ensuring a committed level of service for end users. For advanced applications, per-flow bandwidth control allows easy fine-tuning of service types based on specific IP addresses or protocols.

    In addition, a unique feature, D-Link Safeguard Engine, allows administrators to configure thresholds that limit the impact of packet flooding to the switches CPU typically caused by virus/worm outbreaks. This increases the switch's reliability, serviceability and availability.


    • 12 SFP slots
    • 4 1000Base-T Gigabit copper ports (acting as combo with 4 of the SFP slots)
    • Console port (RS-232)
    • Redundant Power Supply option
    • Virtual stack of up to 32 units with D-Link Single IP Management (SIM)
    • Advanced L3 routing

      xStack DGS-3612G is a high performance Layer 3 switch that provides advanced Layer 3 routing features such as RIP, OSPF, IPv4/IPv6, VRRP, up to 5 IP addresses per VLAN, and floating static routes. Policy Based routing (which forwards traffic based on L3/L4 SA/DA) and Multi Path Routing (which is the method of establishing multiple paths between given source-destination nodes within a network) are also features supported on the DGS-3612G. These added routing features provide redundancy, improve network utilization, and provide load balancing for the network.

    • Comprehensive security

      The DGS-3612G incorporates an advanced portfolio of security features designed to protect your network from malicious attacks. SSH & SSL encrypted management guarantee secure private configuration and monitoring when using the Graphical User Interface and Command Line. IP to MAC binding prevents unauthorized devices from accessing network resources, and also acts as an anti- spoofing tool. 802.1x port and MAC based authentication help provide added network security by requiring all users attempting to connect to your network to provide a username and password. This username and password must then be authenticated on a RADIUS or TACACS+ server, insuring only authorized users have access to the network. Access control lists based on Layers 2/3/4, Rate Limiting, and Guest VLANs provide even more control over what and how users access the network.

    • Enhanced enterprise features

      The xStack DGS-3612G facilitates the deployment of enterprise applications such as VOIP, streaming media, and multicast content delivery such as IP video conferencing and software deployment with enhanced enterprise features such as L2/L3/L4 QoS, IGMP and MLD snooping, 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree, 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree group, 802.3ad Link Aggregation, and 802.1Q VLANs.

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