Our lives are getting busier, right? There is a myriad of information sent to us daily and consequently, it is somewhat daunting as to how we organise and assimilate this data.

Well, our good friends at Buffalo have the perfect solution. We have worked with Buffalo for a good 6 years, and as always their design and innovation has come up trumps.

Ladies and gentleman, we are pleased to unveil Buffalo Technology’s LinkStation™ 520!

The LinkStation™ 520D series is a customisable, large capacity Network Attached Storage solution with great flexibility.

Ideal for home users, the new LinkStation™ 520 Series provides simple network storage and backup and offers an assortment of features, allowing users to store, organise, access and stream media files from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Buffalo’s new LinkStation™ can also stream up to 4 HD films simultaneously allowing each family member to watch their favourite film, on their own device, at the same time. The product is available with 2TB, 4TB, 6TB or 8TB storage.

Improve your home storage with the new LinkStation 520 NAS

The inclusion of an ARM-based dual-core CPU and data transfer speeds of 100 MB/s, make sharing files quick and easy for busy people. The storage solution has a user-friendly desktop-type graphical interface. It enables users to access saved files from multiple devices at the same time, including smartphone, tablet, PC/Mac or TV, making it the device for sharing photos and videos with friends and family. The LS520 has an HDD sleep and timer, which minimises power consumption, ideal for extended access to personal data.

Sounds great! But as regular readers of our blog will know we like to drill down and highlight some of the fantastic features of any new product we showcase.

Improve your home storage with the new LinkStation 520 NAS

Highlights include:

The LS520D features a robust Dual Core processor and is super-fast with impressive start-up and shut down speed, and as we said above with read and write speeds up to 100 MB/s!

The LS520 makes intensive data storage tasks easy, and users can choose from RAID (Linear/0/1) support for customised capacity and redundancy according to their specific needs. Backups are also made easy with NovaStor’s NovaBACKUP Buffalo Edition for PC, or TimeMachine for Mac.

LS520 users will enjoy its intuitive and quick interface and expanded power control features which include on/off scheduling, Wake on LAN, and HDD spin down — thus enabling the LS520 to stop working when you do and greatly lessen its power consumption.

Buffalo’s LS520 is also DLNA compatible and works with 3rd party File Management apps for Android and iOS to help you step-up your Digital Life and/or seamlessly blend into your existing set-up.

Buffalo™ Technology’s LS520D series is a two-bay Network Attached Storage available fully populated with 2, 4, 6, or 8TB capacity.

It does not end there! Prices start from as low as £168.46, which is simply stunning, particularly when you consider the aforementioned performance figures available.