Comms Express asks the question: Which way do you float?

Which way do you float? is an ongoing series of questions, which will see us put out a selection of questions, alternative duo’s, along with a few observations and then ask for your input, from which we can ascertain  Which way do you float? Easy enough!

Our first twosome up for debate is: are you either a Mac or PC kind of person?

Now we know that this debate, in particular, is rather contentious but here are a few observations and we’ll let the great Comms Express followers decide!

First up the big Mac

  • A Mac looks great.
  • Generally, a Mac will crash less and the booting up and shutting down process is more reliable and quicker
  • You’re now hooked up with Apple, perhaps one of the greatest software companies in the world. Stringent attention to detail as to all their applications is at the forefront of Mac philosophies.
  • Great after sales assistance
  • Logical, minimalist interface means less learning
  • Less security headaches
  • The operating system contains less ‘junk.’

Now the PC

  • Hey PC’s can also look great!
  • PC’s are generally cheaper.
  • An endless number of options when buying a PC, compared to a more limited choice when it comes to a Mac
  • More memory in standard models
  • Availability– although there are more and more Apple stores springing up a PC is available from a wide range of outlets and manufactures.
  • PC’s have an endless array of additional features, many of which on a Mac come as additional extras, or you just do without.
  • With so many PC’s on the market, all running Windows, the sheer numbers means that there is more software written.

So let us be clear: both offer a great user experience, the web is still the web! One thing is for sure it is a debate that will rage on, so we’re just guilty of stoking the coals some more! We look forward to hearing your views!

Until next time…