Welcome to the Comms Express blog! Yes, we’ve entered the world of blogging!

Why blogging? How exciting can cables, patch leads, server racks and data cabinets be?  Well, we won’t lie, they’re perhaps not the most obvious product to raise the pulse!

However, think where we’d be without these vital components. How would our businesses, and personal life, survive without that little cable feeding our computers? Fibre optic communication networks have revolutionised the way information (data, image and voice) is transmitted across the globe. Can we imagine a world without a computer – yikes without email?! With our venture into blogging we’ll aim to highlight these bad boys, bring you all the up-to-date news and products within the industry, and also topics and subjects which tickle our fancy in the outside world, to really add a human voice and face to an otherwise remote business.

Just a little back-story; every story has to have a beginning, where would we be if our favourite film began in the middle. What if Fifty Shades of Grey had started halfway through – wishful thinking?! No, our story, the Comms Express story, shall have a beginning.

And so it was that our business began in 2002, literally out of a bedroom, a bedroom filled with products and big dreams. Since those days, some twelve years later, we’ve developed into the UK’s leading distributor and reseller of computer networking equipment.  As you may know, we stock all the leading brands including Netgear, Prism Data Cabinets, Excel, Usystems, Cooper B-Line, Austin Hughes and APC.

Naturally, we’re proud of our association with these recognised brands. Since our inception, we’ve built a highly valued trust and support system, with all parties buying into this ethos. You often hear of companies extolling the virtues of their USP. Comms Express’s Unique Selling Point is simple – value. We value our relationship with the brands we work with and the end user, the customer – without whom Comms Express wouldn’t exist.

Blogging is just one part of the social media strain we wish to embrace. We started very tentatively, dipping our toes into both Facebook and Twitter; however, we aim to really make Twitter and Facebook a vital tool in communicating with you. Feel free to contact us via our Twitter feed or on Facebook with any queries you may have. We have a dedicated customer service team who will work closely with us to aid in answering any issues, questions or observations you may have.

So over the coming months, we shall not only introduce you to a host of exciting (we told you we love our job!) products but also to many of the Comms Express team, allowing you an insight to Comms Express!

Until next time…