As the late, and great Bob Hoskins said, “It’s good to talk.”

The term ‘Communication’ stems from the Latin word ‘communicare’, meaning to share. Our ability to communicate has seen such rapid changes. With the advent of smart phones we can stay in constant touch with each other. Many bemoan that our myriad of avenues in which to communicate nowadays often means we forgo the actuality of the spoken word. The hand-written letter is all but obsolete.

It is now the case that if you blink you’ll miss the new ‘big’ thing. Here at Comms we have taken stock of our past and remembered where we have come from while still having one eye on the future.

What of our forefathers, how would they view these vast changes of communication? From drum messages and smoke signals, through to Morse code and Twitter our ability to stay in touch and impart knowledge and information is ever-changing.

Ladies and Gentlemen – introducing ‘The Evolution of Communication’

We begin our journey with the postal service, through to Morse code, to the text to the tweet and onto the future; wherever that may take us.

We are really proud of this project. We love communicating, the whole ethos of our company is about communication. Our trusted suppliers too, including brands like Netgear, Cisco, TP-Link, HP and D-Link products have taken the art of communication on to a whole new level.

With the evolution of the online world we figured that it was high time we joined in the conversation. For two years now we have blogged and jumped into the social arena and have a wonderfully engaging and exciting community. We like to have a little fun and really engage, picking up knowledge via a two-way road, answering and asking questions.

We love the exploration into communication. I mean did you know: 250,000 carrier pigeons were used by the British army during WWII? The first mobile phone call was made in 1946 and phone weighed 80 Ibs? The first email was sent in 1971 by Mr Ray Tomlinson?

The first text message read ‘Merry Christmas’ and was sent to the CEO of Vodafone? It’s hard to believe that Facebook celebrated its 10th birthday in February, it feels like it has been around forever!

With communication comes knowledge and with the advent of social media knowledge has truly expanded from an individual commodity to a communal phenomenon. From oral, to print and now via digital platforms we can communicate with loved ones, friends, and foes alike!

What the future of communication is going to be we have no idea but we know it’s sure be going to be revolutionary and we are excited to play our small part. Be sure to check out ‘The Evolution of Communication’.

Until next time…