It is time to celebrate another competition in conjunction with our friends at Netgear. They have very kindly allowed us to pass on two Arlo IP Surveillance camera kits to our Comms community. This is one competition you will not want to miss out on!

Reviews of the Arlo IP Surveillance Cameras have been great. The Arlo range of product has been a fairly recent addition to the site, in the two months, our customers have really taken to another great innovation from Netgear.

From kids and pets to an empty home or after-hours business, you’ve got a lot to keep safe. Day or night, indoors or out, Arlo takes the wondering and worrying out of life with the wire-free indoor/outdoor home monitoring system.

There are many remarkable aspects to the Arlo IP camera its stunning HD quality for instance but perhaps what makes this camera really standout is its ability to cope with recording at night and will only start recording when it detects movement. For those times that you are away from your home or businesses, you have complete peace of mind as the Arlo motion sensors automatically send alerts to your smartphone, tablet or computer when any movement is detected.

The Arlo camera is completely wireless, great for quick installation, which is always a huge plus point in keeping down costs. Being wireless free, you can move around the camera at ease, depending on your requirements. The completely weatherproof shell allows for an all year round usage whatever the weather.

Recordings can be stored on the cloud service that comes free with the camera. There is also an opportunity for the user to gain a subscription if you are looking to use for large quantities of data.

We made mention that the Arlo IP camera is wireless, now this might put off some businesses by the use of batteries. However, fear not! Another great asset is that the battery life is nothing short of phenomenal. Depending on the configuration chosen, for instance, recording quality, the batteries will last between 4-6 months.

The two cameras on offer are the Netgear VMS3130 Arlo Camera, and you can check out further details on this great piece of kit via the link.