As the great Louis Armstrong sang, “When you smile, the whole world smiles with you”. 

Now perhaps when removed from Louis Armstrong’s iconic song and put into the world of business this sentiment could be deemed as boarding on the cheesy, but it’s a culture that I feel we’ve fostered within our dedicated Comms Express Customer Service team.

Excellent customer service is the lifeblood for the continued success of any business. Nowadays, so many companies are up to speed on this, but it only takes one bad experience, and it is that experience that is most discussed and remembered.

I believe that any initial bad experience can be rectified by the correct response from a dedicated Customer Service team. Comms Express is well served in this arena, and we’re determined to turn any negative back into a positive. Our Customer team is headed up by Andy, ably supported by Rachel and Amy. They understand the needs of the customer and if the problem is to arise then rectifying it is of paramount importance; after all in a modern day company if your network isn’t working then neither does the company, such as the dependence on the network.

I recall my early visits to the US in particular and the levels of service I’ve enjoyed there, and I’m ever thankful that the “have a nice day” approach has thankfully encroached into the online world.

Eleven years into the life of Comms Express and our continued existence is due to, I believe, our ability in forming a relationship with our customer. I as a customer can part with my hard earned cash once, it’s easy; however if a company wishes to earn my repeat custom then I expect great customer service, and I expect nothing less for our customers. We want good news from our company to be the news that travels – not bad. Hence why we have a dedicated customer service team only too willing to listen and learn from our customers, and of course we’ve begun to embrace social media, which is another way to listen and learn more about our business.

Until next time…