Priority: Critical

Action Required: Check firmware version on units and upgrade if required

Draytek has published a vulnerability announcement (CVE-2022-32548) for an issue that they started patching in May. If you are routinely keeping your units up to do it is likely that your units are already running firmware that fixes the issue, but do read our advisory to check on firmware versions that include the fix. Only the models which are listed in the advisory are known to be affected, but we’re checking older legacy models and will update any further information as it becomes available on the advisory page.

New firmware releases can be downloaded from

For any questions please contact support and they’ll be able to assist

New firmware releases:

Vigor 2865 – 4.4.1

Vigor 2866 – 4.4.1

Latest software versions:

VigorConnect – 1.6.2

Smart VPN Client – 5.6.0

VigorACS 3 – 3.2.0

VigorACS 2 –