We all like to save time and money, don’t we?

Well, you can do both with the stunning new promotion here at Comms Express. For a limited time, we have on offer some of the biggest names in the installation industry with up to 25% off!

Running until March 22nd, we are working with names such as CE, Super Rod and Fluke Networks to offer up some sensational prices.

You know the saying as Mad as March Hares! Well, that is Comms Express this month!

Check out just some of the discounts we have on offer:

There’s over £300 off the Fluke Networks Cable IQ Advanced IT Kit (was £1525 now £1372.50)
10% off all Super Rod popular deluxe cable insertion set (was £81.68 now £73.51)
25% off the PatchMate Cable Tracer & Continuity Tester (was £86.21 now £64.66)

Great hey?!

We have many more deals available throughout the site; all geared not only to help technicians and installers complete your job effectively but all the opportunity to save both time and money. The demand of minimal downtime on networks is of paramount importance, and we have products on offer to suit both copper and fibre based configurations.

You need more reasons to invest in some great products?

Here are 3 for you – Setup / Repair / Cleaning:

Setup – Running, securing and repairing cables efficiently during the setting up process can reduce unexpected damages and snags.

Repair – any form of network downtime has huge ramifications when it comes to the bottom line. We have the answer to make sure you have the ability to diagnose an issue in as short as time as possible. Don’t be caught out!

Cleaning – fibre networks require contamination free contacts. The flow of data can be hampered just by simply touching fibre contacts without gloves, which can leave traces of contamination.

As always, our great team are on hand to discuss any further information you may require. Just to recap this offer must end March 22nd.