Fly me to the moon”

For many the world is in black and white until the night sky is full of sparkle and colour on the evenings leading up to, including and beyond Guy Fawkes Night!

These ariel works of artistry can be seen on not only Guy Fawkes Night but also for New Year’s Eve and countless other national celebrations across the globe.

Yet what is it we enjoy about seeing a firework go shooting into the night sky and exploding?

In a safe, controlled and organised environment the adrenaline rush is certainly a legal high. The joy is reminiscent of riding roller coasters – we know that we’re safe yet the endorphins whipped around our bodies create a wonderful fear factor. It is hard to believe that this compressed gun powder which whistles and screeches can create such a buzz.

This euphoric state is known as Eustress. For the duration of the fireworks brief life our minds are stimulated by a heady cocktail of fear, noise, smell, and of course rich and vibrant colours.

These explosive pyrotechnic devices were created in 7th century China initially as a tool for warring factions they came to symbolise the celebration of festivities. Now they are enjoyed the world over.

We of course use the foiling of the attempt to kill King James 1 by Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirators, the Gunpowder Plot of November 5, 1605, as our excuse to attend a firework display and burn a ‘guy’ on a bonfire. The likes of Karl Pilkington’s show looks at other countries peculiarities but we are not shy as a nation with our own. When you think about it we do have some bizarre customs, this was actually an act of parliament! We celebrate with our children a burning of a Catholic dissident – nice!

Now I can understand the opposition to fireworks. They are a nuisance when fired off randomly, particularly for young children and animals. And they can of course be hugely dangerous when used incorrectly so I shall put on my best BBC voice and say, “Please stay safe this bonfire night!”

So despite the political undertones and noise pollution I do love this evening being alight with colour and excitement, it is almost like seeing the night sky festooned with heaps of colourful cables!

Enjoy your evening!

Until next time…