A 2015 study from Neilson (developers for better solutions in Business and the marketplace) found that smartphone users had increased their app usage year on year by over 60 per cent (from the previous two years). In 2015 alone, smartphone usage was dominated by 85% of all time within an app.

With those kinds of figures flying about, it’s of little surprise that industries started to embrace app development. The IT Industry is no different.

Just imagine the IT Professional, fumbling round using multiple devices from within their armoury. Carrying Testers, Certifiers, Accessories, and that is before even thinking of their mobile phone.

Thanks to the hard work of development teams across the globe, life is becoming that little bit easier for those supporting our networks. Just imagine how simple life would be for these guys if they just had to carry around the one device rather than multiple!

The reason these apps have taken off is thanks to the technology enhancements and power available in mobile devices. Coupled with the likes of the Android device offering up split-screen multitasking; Smartphone and tablets stand in for the awkward-to-carry laptop in a range of circumstances.

As an IT Professional, think of how easy life could be to get out your Android device to remotely service a colleague or third-party desktop, test and repair WiFi in the meeting room or quickly grabbing a file from another device; there’s an app for it. Don’t believe us or sceptical as to how the app world can support your services?

Feast your eyes on these five most widely used Android apps available on the market (that we think every IT Professional should download now).

  1. Fing – Network Tools

Fing – Network Tools is pitched as “the best free network scanner” for Android, it currently boasts over 20,000,000 users worldwide that utilise its ability to secure and troubleshoot networks, along with intrusion detection – and it is completely free to get you started.

Features include:

  • DNS Lookup
  • Port Scanning
  • Intrusion Detection
  • QoS

and much more!

  1. WiFi Analyser

Setting up a router but unsure which channel offers the least resistance? WiFi Analyser is the app for you. Find every possible WiFi channel round you and choose which one suits your requirements. With a simple interface, WiFi Analyser (although it only performs one task) completes the task to perfection.

  1. Cloud Print

Just imagine saving that report to your device, but displaying it isn’t just enough. A physical copy needs to be handed over, and you’re not in a position to use the laptop. Cue Cloud Print. A simple service set up by Google, allowing you to print from any remote location to any printer. More and more printers natively support Cloud Print, and older printers can be added to the service using Chrome – simple!

  1. JuiceSSH

The free SSH client for Android. It is the simple user interface allowing connection to an SSH server, right when you need it. With on-screen and external keyboard functionality both supported, you can now write text-based user interfaces in a terminal-independent manner – through JuiceSSH. Your Android device turns into a 256 colour terminal that offers full support for ncurses – vi, emacs, mc or htop!

Features include:

  • Flexible Connection Groups
  • Fully Secure Cloud Sync
  • Simplified Terminal Readability
  • Inactive Automatic Locking
  • Port Forwarding

and much more!

  1. PingTools Pro

At the measly price of just $2, PingTools Pro offers an alternative package to Fing – Network Tools. And, at such a low price it is well worth the download and test time. Features are very similar between the two competitors, but a few slightly different options are thrown in to take note of.

The user interface for starters is a key factor in whether you’d choose (or steer towards Fing) as it is built for those which prefer Material Design. With the ability to calculate network parameters during initial setup; supported by a visual traceroute to analyse how data packets are travelling around the network.

Features include:

  • Ping
  • Port Scanning
  • Whois
  • UPnP Scanning

and much more!

Managing remotely is not new to the IT Professional, but being able to utilise the vast array of apps on handheld devices, is, and becoming far easier. As mentioned earlier, the ideal is to surely develop a single unit for the IT Professional to maintain their network. Fully embracing the use of technology and the direction apps are going in. After all, “there is an app for that”…and if there isn’t, there probably will be very soon.