We all love to strive to achieve our goals. However, to do better than expected, to overachieve is gold! We have all heard “I just don’t know how he/she manages to do it all!” when describing a friend or colleague or a personal hero. This positive connotation is an easy label to pin on our great friends at Fluke Network.

Whenever we are introduced to a range from Fluke Networks, it is with a sense of excitement. They are always pushing the envelope. And so it proved to be with the Fluke Versiv CableAnalyzer.

“Get ready to overachieve –with the unmatched speeds of Fluke Networks DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer!”

The DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer improves the efficiency of copper certification with unmatched speed for testing Cat 6A and Class FA while meeting draft IEC Level V – the most stringent accuracy requirement. The ProjX Management System helps ensure jobs are done the first time correctly and helps track progress from set-up to systems acceptance. Versiv platform supports modules for fibre testing (Both OLTS and OTDR) and Wi-Fi Analysis and Ethernet troubleshooting. The platform is easily upgradeable to support future standards. Troubleshoot faults faster with the Taptive user interface which graphically displays the source of failures including crosstalk, return loss and shield faults. Analyse test results and create professional test reports using LinkWare™ Management Software. Fluke Networks’ DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer is Intertek (ETL) Verified in accordance with the IEC-61935-1 specifications for accuracy Level IV, and draft accuracy Level V, and in accordance with the ANSI/TIA-1152 specifications for Level IIIe.

Fluke Networks is hands down the must have for any pro. Easy to use, rugged and everything you need in a testing appliance.

You can check out further details via the link: https://bit.ly/1zP0vg2

Now to ramp up the excitement, we have a cracking promotion for customers who purchase a Fluke Networks CableAnalyzer.

When purchasing a tester from either of the aforementioned ranges, you will receive a 10% off voucher. This voucher will be valid from 6 months and can be used on any structured cabling product. It gets better!

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So if you’re looking to purchase a DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer look no further!

Fluke Networks Versiv DSX-5000 Copper CableAnalyzer

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