What is a Vertiv Edge UPS?

Offering high reliability, efficiency, management, and flexibility the Edge range of line interactive sinewave UPS’s come in models ranging from 500VA to 3000VA in 1U, 2U, 3U, mini-tower, rack tower, and rack-mount form factors (depending on model). Intended for distributed IT & Edge applications, the Vertiv Edge 1ph UPS supports up to 6 extended battery cabinets in selected models, providing more runtime at full load than other competing UPSs.

Delivering best-in-class battery backup and power protection for server, networking and Edge applications the Vertiv Edge Range is available as rack-mountable or monolithic giving you the super-powers to protect your IT loads and your budget.

Does your business fit this UPS?

Selecting the right UPS can be a challenge so knowing what your business needs is crucial to making sure you aren’t wasting your money. Edge UPS’s aren’t for everyone, however if you’re in an industry that is heavily reliant on IT devices & Networks, then an Edge UPS shouldn’t be a consideration, its a necessity. Industries that should invest in an Edge UPS include:

• Banking, Financial and Insurance

• Broadcast and Entertainment

• Education

• Fire/Alarm/Security

• Government

• Healthcare

• Manufacturing

• Retail and Wholesale

• Telecoms

• Transportation

Why do you need a Vertiv Edge UPS?

In todays modern landscape distributed and edge data centres are no less important to business success than large centralised data centres. Given their role in supporting Internet, cloud computing and other crucial applications any infrastructure that supports keeping your business running is critical. As well as this server, networking and storage systems in edge data centres deserve similar levels of power protection as traditional data centre infrastructure.

The Vertiv Edge line interactive UPS family is intended for distributed IT and edge applications that require reliable and efficient power protection. Auto-detect features make the extended battery cabinets easy to add and configure, while a colourful, graphical LCD screen provides for easy, intuitive on-site management. Do not fear, your UPS investment is protected by a standard 3-year warranty for both electronics and batteries.

Business protection and peace of mind. The Edge UPS range is available to shop below:

1.Vertiv Liebert EDGE-500IRM1U 500VA Line interactive UPS:

Features of this UPS include:

  • High output PF=0.9 to maximize available power and protect more equipment
  • 1U, 2U, 3U, tower, rack/tower form factors, with power ratings from 500VA to 3000VA, to address a broad range of power requirements
  • Colour graphic LCD display
  • Add up to 6 extended run battery cabinets to increase runtime
  • “Green mode” operation: in battery mode with small loads, the UPS will automatically shut down to protect batteries, optimize energy savings.
  • Programmable outlets to disable non-critical loads, optimize battery runtime


2.Vertiv Liebert EDGE-3000IRT3UXL 3kVA Line Interactive UPS:

Features of this UPS include:

  • High efficiency, up to 98% in line mode, to deliver energy savings
  • Advanced AVR protection with 2x boost and 1x buck tap to protect the battery by smoothing out spikes, sags and brownouts
  • External battery cabinets with auto-detection
  • Rack/tower 3kVA model with short depth for flexible installation


3.Vertiv Liebert EDGE-1500IRT2UXL 1.5kVA Line Interactive UPS:

Features of this UPS include:

  • Remote connectivity via network interface or serial connection to monitor power consumption and configure user-defined alert notifications to prevent downtime
  • Input breaker device for additional protection to the load in worst case failures
  • Extend battery life with deep discharge protection
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • Smart fan speed control for lower audible noise


You can discover more of the Vertiv Liebert Edge range here by clicking below👇