Will the sound of the mail dropping onto our doormat sound louder with an abundance of Christmas cards? Do we and will we continue to post out Christmas cards? Do we still look forward to receiving a traditional Christmas card from family and friends?

Yes, it has been on my mind of late. Granted I fully understand that those who know me will laugh at this statement. Hands up I’ve never been too disciplined in this department but call me selfish I love receiving them. Yet, it looks as though we could have generations who will only ever send an e-card or perhaps none at all, perhaps just a text.

However bucking that trend is that schools seem to be encouraging the traditional, some would say old fashioned, but I’ll go with traditional, post box. For me it’s important that children have that sense of excitement as they rip open cards from their friends.

Sending e-cards to loved ones can for me lack that sense of soul; they’re just an e-convenience too far. As more often than not they are sent to people who don’t spend their life on computers (yes these people do exist!) so an e-card really I don’t think will resonate with them in quite the same way as others.

Contradiction time! Here at Comms Express we don’t send out Christmas cards to customers or suppliers, we make a donation to favoured charities instead. And having said that the e-cards lack some soul I feel in business they are a huge help. Suddenly you can reach the recipient at the click of a button. Nowadays you cannot forget anybody; you no longer have that luxury of blaming the post for their card not arriving. Our Comms Express  card, like in our recent e-shot, is a wonderful way to thank our loyal customers and suppliers. It shows that we really appreciate their part in the success of our company.

So in short used correctly an e-card is a wonderful thing but for me I love to see my home decked out with cards. So while I work in the tech business long live the traditional!

Until next time…