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Do you know how common cyber security breaches are? Most people are completely unaware of how often breaches occur, with research showing 63% of firms have faced a hardware-related security problem.

Whilst you may have seen ways to deal with attacks on software or cloud security, hardware vulnerabilities are often forgotten. This results in vulnerabilities in your hardware to allow hackers to launch cyberattacks, including breaches on your UPS!

A UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, is a handy device that provides backup power to its connected devices in the case of a power disturbance. They are an incredibly useful piece of equipment, saving your mission-critical infrastructure and saving you money by preventing downtime. When used in hospitals they may even be saving lives!

However, the more equipment you have connected to your UPS, the more you need to ensure it is properly protected. It is vital to ensure you have the right security measures around your UPS so it, and all its connected systems, don’t become an entry point for attack.

Cybersecurity improvements to implement

Recent developments in technology have created the possibility to use better cybersecurity measures to harden your UPS. Implementing some of these measures can help you to prevent breaches, save money, secure your data, and protect your business’s reputation.

UPS security

1. Blocking counterfeit UPS accessories
UPS systems are scalable and customisable to allow them to grow with your business. Being able to evolve your UPS to suit your changing needs is great and offers you the flexibility you need to flourish, however, this can make you more vulnerable. As unauthorized or counterfeit parts and accessories can easily be attached to your UPS, it is important to find a way to defend yourself against this.

You can easily include a tamper-proof chip into your UPS to identify counterfeit parts. The chip will communicate and authenticate all of the linked modules attached to your system, creating error codes when it notices something is wrong. These alerts appear on the unit’s display or can be sent through the cloud to warn you of counterfeit or unknown modules. By investigating the issue and acting quickly, you can then rectify the issue and avoid potential attacks.

2. Dealing with malicious firmware
The most common method used to access a system is through malicious firmware. By downloading malicious firmware into your hardware hackers are able to get past built-in security measures. This allows them to interfere with your performance or steal data with ease. To protect yourself against this threat, it is vital to set firmware files to be signed up with a Public Key Infrastructure (KPI) system. This system will confirm the authenticity of the firmware, helping to prevent malicious firmware downloads to your UPS.

3. Zero Trust architecture
As a third line of defense, you can use a special, secure boot process based on Zero Trust architecture. The root of the Trust chip will initiate a number of procedures to verify the authenticity of hardware subsystems and validate the firmware. Your operating system will only start up after the Trust chip successfully completes its procedures. This system will also identify and alert users of any potential vulnerabilities to keep you as secure as possible.

Preventing breaches

The risk of cyberattacks and breaches are constantly on the rise. With the ever-growing possibility that you will be attacked, IT teams need to ensure they are securing any potentially vulnerable access points within their infrastructure. Fortunately, there is an easy way to help protect yourself! Schneider Electric has a wide range of APC products that can help you better your cyber security. Give us a call today and find out all the ways APC can protect your business!

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