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Delivering Reliable At-Home 4G LTE Connectivity That IT Can Manage

The popularity of remote working reached an all time high during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many businesses being forced to accomodate work from home (WFH) for their employees in order to continue functioning. With benefits for both the company themselves and the employees too, this new way of working proved a great success with 82% of organizations planning to continue WFH at least part time.

Just as you would inside an office setting, it is vital that employees working from home have access to high-performing equipment to work to their full potential. Whilst most employers will supply employees with computers, monitors, laptops and phones, they often don’t consider the internet access. Whilst it is safe to assume that the employee will have broadband at home, it’s important to remember that this bandwidth will be shared with partners, family or roommates, all of whom will be fighting for the internet access too.

Access to high-performance connection is vital for success remote working and can easily be achieved with a branch router! Cradlepoint offers a range of Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) solutions that will give people the high-performance network they need to be productive and keep the work secure. Keeping the work on a separate router, isolated from the uncontrollable home network system, offers additional security for the company and allows the IT team to control the remote working network security.

Cradlepoint Branch Router Explained

Extend a dedicated enterprise network to workers at home

Provide users with Wi-Fi connectivity isolated from the rest of the household to allow them consistantly high performance.

Control the network as if everyone’s at the office

The IT team can centrally manage all the remote working network security, availablity, management, device access and traffic useage from wherever they are based.

Equip employees to easily set up enterprise connectivity

With no IT team physically available at WFH jobs, Cradlepoint’s SOHO solutions are easy for anyone to set up regardless of skill level. These routers are preconfigured and remotely optimised to be easily plugged in, set up and connected in a matter of minutes.

Provide Dedicated Connectivity

With cradlepoint’s branch routers, the company is able to control the access to the internet, corportate networks and applications. This removes any competition the router would normally have competing with other household devices. These branch routers will provide highly available, dedicated wireless WAN connection to allow you to work from home without interuptions.

Reduce Risk and Mimize Attacks

Policy-based, enterprise-class security strengthen the security, secure split tunnneling, manage threats, filter content and set firewalls to protect your home network.

Centrally Manage

Simplify the management of remote working through NetCloud Manager. Build and enforce consistent polices, use dashboards to monitor network health, and keep track of security status, data usage, and trending bills.

Deploy with Zero-Touch Install

Branch routers will allow automatic connection and install once they have been powered on. Use preconfigured polices and security plus preinerted SIMs to provide automatic connectiction without help of the IT specialists.

Control the User Experience

Set policies and optimize path selection through application-aware and wireless-optimized SD-WAN functionality. NetCloud Service allows use of intelligent traffic steering to create a consistent user experience.

Isolate Work Devices

Isolate work devices from household networks and devices. Using a separate WWAN network ensures high performance for all processes on the work devices, as well as providing asset and information protection.

Cradlepoint Branch Routers

Cradlepoint Branch Router
With Cradlepoint’s enterprise-class connectivity, work from home, all-in-One solution, your employees can simply plug in their branch LTE routers and be up and running in just a matter of minutes!

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