Trending is a buzz word within social media circles. As far as I can make out when something ‘trends’ normally using a hashtag # – hands up if I’ve lost you already! – it means that via the WWW your message / post has gone viral. You’ve reached a bigger and wider audience and others are following in your wake; hence you are trending!

Away from WWW and social media circles I’ve noticed other things trending lately; most notably the ‘Weekend Wiggo’. Now granted perhaps I’m risking coming across like a grumpy old man, albeit I like to think I’m not that old! Well it is the ‘Weekend Wiggo’ who I would consign to my version of Room 101!

Now you may be asking what on earth a ‘Weekend Wiggo’ is; well I shall tell you! In fact I’m sure you’ll most certainly have encountered them. You know the cyclists that believe our roads have suddenly become a Velodrome. We’ve all seen them a sea of Lycra strewn across roads the length and breadth of our fair British Isle.

Now I’m all for a bit of fitness and I can see how joining with others helps your drive and determination in achieving your goals but … do we really believe that donning oneself head-to-toe in Lycra really makes you into the next Bradley Wiggins? Ten abreast I have spent many a weekend stuck behind the latest wannabe Sky cycling team. As I patiently crawl behind them on my four wheels, I watch the team on two wheels mirror their heroes; all secretly harbouring thoughts that they will be the next Olympic Gold medallist. Wishing to quell any pent up anger I instead marvel at their attempts to emulate the Domestiques that make up top draw international cycling. In top draw Domestique fashion they take it in turns at point, sheltering their teammates from the wind fearing that it may curtail them and then passing water bottles amongst themselves they widen their pack. However when I finally pass my joy at advancing is short lived as when the next corner looms I encounter the next set of ‘Weekend Wiggo’s’.

So yes, the Weekend Wiggo has now officially overtaken (see what I did there?!) from the Chelsea Tractor. That said I’m only jealous that I cannot grow his sideburns!

Until next time…