Businesses across the UK face challenges never experienced before. More people are working from home, but there is a need to connect to computers that need to remain in the workplace.

Comms Express can recommend the Aten range of Over-IP KVMs to assist with this transition, enabling remote connections to computers that are situated on-site, maintaining operations and critical services.

From a budget industrial-grade unit installation to the whole over IP environment upgrade, Aten has proved itself to be the world’s largest KVM manufacturer but also is the favourable vendor to RBC, Ocado, UK Government etc during the pandemic.

CN8000A has proved its quality as it is installed in the pan-EU airports for signage purposes.  It also offers improved cost and installation efficiency over all the remote working software you may see in the UK market. (such as Team Viewer etc.)

One single connection to the office PC is all that is required. The user can then enjoy FULL HD Resolution, and a secure and stable connection as if they are working in front of the office PC.

Works on any mobile or PC device across any OS platform.

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In general, Aten IP KVM solutions offer key strengths:-

Security – Secure with TLS 1.2 encryption
Control – Fully maintain remote computers with BIOS-level access.
Visual – Smooth 1080p
Cost – One-off payment as opposed to paying by month/year

Buy Aten CN8000A from Comms Express

ATEN has a wide range of devices, like KVMs and Docking Stations, that will assist with creating a workplace in the home that will rival being in the office!!

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