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Make IT threats idle with APC NetBotz!

Schneider Electric’s range of APC NetBotz products helps to make your IT infrastructure safer with scalable solutions to prevent threats to your devices. The Netbotz family helps you to prevent downtime and damage by detecting threats like humidity, flood, fire, and more! The NetBotz products line includes:

  • Cameras
  • Intelligent Pods
  • Sensors
  • Rack Access Control

Key Benefits

APC Environmental monitoring icon Envrionmental Monitoring.
APC’s NetBotz range has been designed to protect your IT equipment against environmental threats like:
• Temperature
• Humidity
• Smoke
• Water leaks
APC physical security icon Physical Security.
With NetBotz’s array of intelligent sensors, camera slip captures, configurable alerts, and robust management options, NetBotz provides:
• Integrated sensing
• Surveillance options
• Rack-access control
• Mitigation against unauthorized access risks.
APC Flexible solutions icon Flexible Solutions.
APC’s NetBotz products provide the industry’s most comprehensive and unique solutions to security and monitoring, offering:
• Enhanced security
• Intelligent sensing
• Instant alerts
• Robust management systems.



Browser Accessible

• The user interface is accessible through any browser
• Quick access is accessible through any secure networks
• Sensor data overview available
• Receive alerts in real-time
• See the feeds from multiple cameras on a single screen
APC Browser Accessible image

Flexibility and Adaptability

• NetBotz can be used as an environmental monitoring solution, a rack access control solution, or as both
• Mountable alongside other IT gear
• U mountable in the back
APC Flexibility and Adaptability image


• Integrates with APC racks, NetBotz sensors, and Data Center Expert for easy deployment, configuration, and management
• Customize threshold definitions to your requirements including multiple thresholds per sensor, scheduling, severity levels, etc.
APC Manageability image

APC NetBotz solution in action image

APC Camera icon Camera
NetBotz offer high definition surveillance with motion detection.
APC Volts icon 0-5V
Monitor liquids and gasses with 3rd party pressure sensors.
APC Smoke icon Smoke
Detects smoke within your IT spaces.
APC Door Switch icon Door Switch
Monitor access into a room or a rack for additional security.
APC wireless icon Wireless
Reduce the cutter and expense of cabling with wireless temperature and humidity sensing.
APC Humidity icon Humidity
Stay up to date with real-time humiditiy data.
APC vibration icon Vibration
Expose potential movement of IT assets with vibration detection.
APC Rack Access icon Rack Access
Provides badged access control for a rack.
APC Rack sensor icon Rack Sensor
Support additional rackmount or wallmount sensors.
APC Temperature icon Temperature
Real-time temperature data keeps you one step ahead.
APC Dry Contact icon Dry Contact
Provide critical monitoring through the connection of 3rd party devices.
APC Leak icon Spot & Rope Leak
Act fast with early detection of fluid within your data center or network closet.


APC EcoStruxure Row Data Center header image
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