So are aliens on their way to earth? The reports are that they are perhaps a little closer to our habitat then we would like to believe!

Edinburgh University has issued a study that aliens space probes are so advanced that they have entered our solar systems. In fact that they are so advanced that the human eye can not see them!

Mmmm… this sounds a bit flakey. The kind of thesis I would have written if I had attended University. But that said we cannot just throw this asunder, let’s look a little closer because I for one would love to have a close encounter (see what I did there? 🙂 ) with another life form.

Mathematicians Duncan Forgan and Arwen Nicholson published their paper in the  International Journal of Astrobiology. They believe that alien races could have sent probes that ‘slingshot’ around stars using their gravity to cover ground quickly. Similar to the Voyager probe, which has only reached the edge of our solar system, they feel that older and more technologically advanced civilisations could have launched similar probes years before us that are already here.

They conclude that a fleet of self-replicating probes can explore the Galaxy in a sufficiently short time…orders of magnitude less than the age of the Earth. It sounds like it’s been lifted from a science fiction novel! They go onto claim that these probes would have been sent at differing times so that us humans would not feel threatened and fear that an alien invasion was imminent.

The report doesn’t offer an insight as to why the aliens haven’t made contact thus far. Perhaps they are testing us, once we have passed their intelligence test then perhaps they will contact us.

You could argue long into the night if this is an excellent way to spend resources, but for me, it takes scientists and mathematicians such as Messers Forgan and Nicholson to push the boundaries of technology. We all seen films where the computer takes over, but it is the limitless power of technology that makes the field so exciting. We have still so much to explore, so let these guys go forth and really investigate further.

Certainly, I’ve been intrigued by alien life forms. It’s very much the same as ghosts for me. Do I disbelieve because I haven’t witnessed them? All I hope is that if they do visit planet earth and they need a cable or any other IT equipment they give me a call, I pop on to their mother ship and hook them up!