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End of Life Product
£45.59 Inc VAT
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Sorry, this item is no longer available from Comms Express.

Netgear WPN311

Rangemax™ Wireless PCI Adapter

by Netgear
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Part No:NETWPN311
Manufacturer No:WPN311
Delivery: End of Life Product
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    Netgear WPN311
    Rangemax™ Wireless PCI Adapter
    Optimised for use with the WPN824 RangeMax™ Wireless Router, which dramatically boosts signal and eliminates dead spots, to provide superior wireless coverage and speed to your desktop via the PCMCIA slot.
    • Up to 10x faster coverage and speed compared to 802.11g**
    • Compatible with existing 802.11b, 802.11g and Super G™ Wireless devices
    • Network range extended by up to 400 feet**
    • No need for range extenders, repeaters & external antennas
    • High-speed connectivity anywhere in your house or office
    • No more drop-outs, no more dead spots
    ** When used in conjunction with WPN824 Wireless Router

    Wireless Connectivity - Range Matters
    Staying wirelessly connected in your home or office can be tricky, especially as your environment continually changes. For example someone with a cordless phone might walk between your primary wireless signal and your computer or a microwave oven might click on. This interference can cause a drop in wireless data speed or drop out altogether.
    The WPN824 RangeMax™ Wireless Router adjusts to interference and the physical barriers in your home to deliver up to 500,000 square feet of coverage. This means that with a WPN311 Wireless PCI network card inserted, your desktop computer will not be prone to loss of wireless speed or dropouts – ensuring continual high speed Internet and network access anywhere in your home or office.

    New Technology - Smart MIMO
    RangeMax™ is an advanced Smart MIMO (Multi-in, Multi-Out*) technology that uses seven internal antennas. The RangeMax™ WPN824 wireless router constantly surveys your home or office environment for physical barriers and interference: The RangeMax™ router adapts on the fly, adjusting the wireless signal to compensate for these performance blockers.
    For example positioning a desktop PC near to a fish tank may disrupt your wireless coverage (signal can be disrupted by water), because of its advanced smart MIMO technology the WPN824 router combined with a RangeMax™ wireless network card will adapt to the environment, using an antenna configuration to strengthen the signal and avoid the interference the water in the fish tank may have previously caused.

    By easily setting up WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption or WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access, Pre-Shared Key) security on your WPN824 router and WPN311 PCI wireless adapter your desktop computer will be well protected. These security features and the Firewall built into the WPN824 router add powerful safeguards against unauthorised usage.

    Easy Set-up
    NETGEAR’s Smart Wizard™ makes the set-up of the RangeMax™ Wireless PCI Adapter easy and hassle-free.
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