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End of Life Product

If you wish to enquire about this product please contact us on

0800 488 000

Sorry, this item is no longer available from Comms Express.

D-Link DGS-3620-28SC/SI

xStack 24-port SFP Layer 3 Mnged Gig Switch, 4 Combo 1000BaseT/SFP, 4 10GE SFP+ (SI)

by D-Link Switch
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Part No:FEDGS-3620-28SC/SI
Manufacturer No:DGS-3620-28SC/SI
Delivery: End of Life Product
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    D-Link DGS-3620-28SC/SI
    xStack 24-port SFP Layer 3 Mnged Gig Switch, 4 Combo 1000BaseT/SFP, 4 10GE SFP+ (SI)
    xStack 24-port SFP Layer 3 Managed Gigabit Switch, 4 Combo 1000BaseT/SFP, 4 10GE SFP+ (Standard Image)

    The DGS-3620 Series xStack L3 Managed Stackable Gigabit Switches deliver great performance, flexibility, security, multi-layer QoS, and accessibility, along with redundant power solutions for SMBs and enterprises.


    • Multiple software images tailor the feature set to the network’s requirements. Power over Ethernet (PoE) increases the range of possible deployment locations
    • Support for Access Control Lists (ACL), multiple user authentication methods, and D-Link ZoneDefense technology helps secure the network environment
    • Fault-tolerant topologies ensure rock-solid connectivity, and D-Link Green technology provides eco-friendly power-saving
    • IPv6 and IPv4 routing

      The xStack DGS-3620 series provides IPv4 networks with a simple migration path to IPv6 and protects your investment for future network upgrades when greater security and larger addressing are required. Basic static routing such as RIP and RIPv2 are supported for small network routing applications. Advanced routing protocols such as OSPF and equal cost routing are supported for load balancing and building a scalable network.

    • Stackable up to 12 units

      Under stacking mode, the switch is hot-swappable. This means that in a stack configuration, any of the switches can be replaced or removed without affecting the network. There is no need to reconfigure a replacement switch, just give the new switch the same stack number ID as the old switch and the network will carry the same configuration as before. This minimizes network downtime and maximizes the productivity of your business. Also, to facilitate network administration, cross stack port mirroring and port trunking are supported.

    • The D-Link Safeguard Engine and security

      The DGS-3620 series incorporates advanced mechanisms to detect an attack against the central processing unit of the switch and to take corrective action on the attacking interface. When a DoS attack is waged against the DGS-3620 switch, the D-Link Safeguard Engine detects the threat and prevents overload of the CPU, thus ensuring network integrity and helping to maintain open network bandwidth channels. In addition, the xStack DGS-3620 series offers a variety of authentication methods, including those without the requirement of a RADIUS server. It supports MAC-based access control, which authenticates the user based on the MAC address of the client so that authentication is transparent to the client. It also supports web-based access control, which prompts for username and password before allowing access to TCP traffic. Lastly, the xStack series supports Network Access Protection (NAP).

    • Voice and video applications

      For today's businesses, having voice, data, and video on the same network is common practice. This challenge is met by the xStack DGS-3620 series, which supports 802.1p with eight queues. The administrator can designate traffic priority based on a variety of means including IP and MAC address, so that voice data is clear and jitter-free. Video traffic can also be assigned with the same priority. In addition, the xStack DGS-3620 series provides IGMP snooping, which allows the forwarding of multicast packets such as streaming audio and video without increasing network broadcast congestion.

    • Ease of management

      The xStack DGS-3620 series supports SNMP v1/2c/3 so traps can be set on abnormal events and information can be polled to maximize network productivity. Other standard management features also supported include RMON and IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree. User interfaces include an intuitive web-based GUI or standard CLI, either of which can be protected through SSL or SSH encryption.

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