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£234.00 Inc VAT
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CoolControl Tile - 65% Airfolow Grey Flek - 680kg Load Rating

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Part No:DCCCT680
Manufacturer No:4260-65040
Delivery: In Stock: Next Day
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    CoolControl Tile - 65% Airfolow Grey Flek - 680kg Load Rating

    Data Centre Raised Floor Panels with High Airflow and Reduced Energy Consumption

    Does your data centre have hot spots or negative airflow in perforated tiles or grills? Does increasing the static pressure not solve the problem or make the problem even worse? The solution is not increasing static pressure, which is a waste of energy, but ensuring the raised floor panels are doing their job correctly. The most efficient way to cool your servers and network equipment is to ensure that cold air reaches the top of the racks with passive high plume raised floor tiles. The CoolControl Tile - powered by Triad - is the most efficient and cost effective perforated floor tile on the market.

    CoolControl Tile's 65% high plume airflow panels are designed to eliminate data centre hot spots while saving energy. The patent protected design and integrated handles guarantees high air throughput as well as quick and easy installation on any raised floor system.

    These heavy duty panels are built to provide 680kg (1500lbs)* of concentrated load as standard with options for 1360kg (3000lbs)*, while being versatile through corner adapters that adjust both vertically and horizontally to flush mount with most raised floor systems. The integrated dual handles provide safe, balanced lifting and placement of tiles without danger of trapping fingers or toes while eliminating the need of suction cup lifters.

    CoolControl Tile's Hi-Plume Stratification Fin scoops air to the upper most servers, while ensuring middle and lower servers also receive required cooling capacity. Through this unique design server temperatures can be decreased by 3-8°C while lowering energy consumption.

    As is seen on the video CoolControl Tile's patented Hi-Plume Stratification fin directs cooler air from the plenum (where air normally passes by standard design airflow panels) to the upper most part of the server racks. The turbulent air delivers a balanced temperature from bottom to top ensuring equal cooling throughout the server racks.

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