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£82.74 Inc VAT
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Cisco 521 USB Headset

Head-band Black/Grey

by Cisco
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Part No:FECP-HS-W-521-USB=
Manufacturer No:CP-HS-W-521-USB
Delivery: In Stock: Next Day
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    Cisco 521 USB Headset
    Head-band Black/Grey

    The Cisco Headset 500 Series is a professional range of wired and wireless headsets optimized forCisco IP phones, soft clients, and desktop video devices.

    The 500 Series are headsets designed for workers in open work spaces to stay connectedandproductive in any environment. They feature vibrant audio, powerful noise isolation, exceptionalcomfort, and easy administration.

    Product Overview

    The Cisco® Headset 500 Series delivers surprisingly vibrant sound for open workspaces. Userscanstay focused in noisy environments with rich sound, exceptional comfort, and proven reliability.The500 Series offers a lightweight form factor that is comfortable to wear, even for an entireworkday. It’s designed for workers who spend a lot of time wearing headsets for voicecommunications andlistening to music.

    The Headset 500 Series offers:

    • Lightweight comfort that is ideal for extended wear
    • Premium sound in a sleek form factor – great for music and voice communications
    • Powerful noise isolation with unidirectional microphones that are designed to hone intheuser’s voice and simultaneously minimize background noise
    • Easy, intuitive user configuration experience when used with Cisco IP phones*andCisJabber**
    • Extended Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) range (300+ feet)wiwirelessmodels
    • Flexible options for connecting to devices: various models support USB, RJ, 3.5 mDECT,andBluetooth connections
    • Proven reliability and integrations for Cisco IP phones, Cisco DX Series endpoints,aCiscosoft clients
    • Easy device management including remote firmware upgrade, inventory managemendiagnostics,andmetrics when used with compatible Cisco Unified Communications Manager* aWebex Control Hub

    * When using a compatible Cisco IP phone or Cisco Jabber version.

    Use the Cisco Headset 500 Series with the optional USB headset adapter for enhanced experiencesincluding with automatic software upgrades, in-call presence indicator, and audiocustomizationswhich allow you to adjust how you hear others and how they hear you.

    Features & Benefits

    Integrated Serviceability

    Headsets are easier to deploy, manage, and service with Cisco collaboration plus headsetsCentrally manage policy, defaults, and much more when using Cisco Headsets with CiscoUnifiedCommunications Manager, Cisco Webex Control Hub, and devices.

    Premium Audio & Noise Isolation

    The microphone is exceptional at capturing wide bandwidth sound, with little signal noise andlow distortion. It is composed of a high-quality electret capsule and unique housing design.Thecapsule’s orientation in the microphone housing creates a short acoustic path, whichprovidesmaximum acoustic sensitivity (best voice reception) and balanced noise reduction. Theoptimizedmicrophone capsule and housing create a clean and natural sound with reduced backgroundnoise sothe user’s voice can be clearly heard.

    Lightweight & Ergonomic Design

    Built with comfort in mind, these headsets are designed to be delightful to wear forextendedperiods of time and to reduce head fatigue. They feature quality materials, includingmultiaxialear cups.

    Advanced Ear Cup Design

    Our design creates a full and rich sound that makes collaboration easier and musicmoreenjoyable. The ear cups feature efficient acoustic transducers and integrations.

    Enhanced Capabilities Enabled By The USB HeadsetAdapter

    Use this optional accessory to connect the headsetto Cisco IP phones, Cisco DX endpoints,Cisco Jabber®, Cisco Webex Teams™ and Cisco UC-One. Itoffers a more enhancedexperience with:

    • In-call indicators: LED(s) on the ear plate
    • Simplified call controls
    • Customized audio

    Test & Adjust Microphone (Record, Playback,Gain)**

    The microphone test removes the guesswork associated with tuning microphone gain levels byenabling users to record themselves speaking in their work environment and then playing therecordings back.

    Audio Shaping**

    This feature enables users to get the best phonic experience by shaping the inbound audio.

    ** Feature requires a USB interface for headsets and a compatibleCisco IP phone and firmware, or a compatible Jabber version.

    Power 3.5-mm Connector

    Enables flexible headset use with standard 3.5-mm jacks on laptops, tablets, and mobilephones and connects headset LEDs to power when using an in-line USB headset adapter.

    In-line USB adapter

    The hand-held controller connects 3.5-mm headset to USB and provides easy access to key callcontrol capabilities, including answer call, end call, reject call, hold/resume (for multiplecalls), mute/unmute, volume up, and volume down.

    Product Specifications

    Connectivity Options

    PC, Mac, Cisco IP phone, DX endpoint

    Hearing Protection

    Yes (requires USB headset adapter or wireless base

    Acoustic spike protection from sounds to over 118 dB

    Microphone Type

    Electret condenser/ECM

    Microphone Directionality


    Microphone Frequency Response

    150 to 6800 Hz

    Speaker Impedance

    ~90 ohms

    Earpiece Bandwidth

    50 Hz to 18 kHz

    Maximum Sound Pressure

    118 db SPL(A) (requires USB adapter or wireless base)

    In-call Presence Indicator On Ear Plate

    LED on each ear plate (requires USB headset adapter or wireless base)

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