Zyxel’s GS1900 network switch series makes an ideal replacement for unmanaged switches, with network speed, security and silent operation being upgraded.

The ZyXEL GS1900 range has the features, performance and versatility you’ll need to optimise your network, plus the efficiency to bring down your bills. We at Comms Express especially recommend the GS1900-10HP as a fantastic choice for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), especially with their simple SMB setup. Being able to opt for a fan-less or smart fan model allows for a near-silent operation, leaving you to concentrate on what’s important for your business without being disturbed by unnecessary noise.

GS1900 photo.

Reasons to buy

Avoid downtime and maximise throughput with Advanced Network Error prevention
Loop protection and storm control keep your network running at top speed while our dual image firmware and DoS detection ensure robust, high-availability connectivity

Quick and easy deployment with web management and set-up wizards
Even complex configurations take no more than a few clicks and a matter of minutes, saving time and resources while accelerating deployment

Designed for any location; server room, board room or desk
Silent, fanless operation plus flexible desk, wall or rack mounting options make this the ideal solution for use throughout your organization

High-powered, intelligent PoE to protect your investment
With PoE+ the rising power demand of powered devices is met. Additionally, each PoE port automatically reserves only the power it needs with programmable feed priority. This ensures the maximum number of devices can be powered, protecting your ROI.

Gigabit to the desktop
When videos of high resolution and data flow constantly evolve, GbE bandwidth to desktops becomes essential to ensure sufficient bandwidth for all business communications, data delivery and daily operations.

Reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint
Inactive link detection, cable length detection and EEE-compliant traffic detection all minimise power usage by matching power consumption to true demand.

Future-proof your investment with IPv6 support
Full IPv6 support with features including autoconfiguration, duplicate address prevention, dual-stack and neighbour discovery will ensure your investment is protected.

Find your perfect solution with flexible chassis options
From 8 ports to 48 ports with gigabit SFP uplink options and Intelligent PoE available on 8, 24 and 48 port models, the GS1900 range will include the perfect switch for your application

High level security to safeguard your network
A host of security features including RADIUS and TACACS+ support, SSL, port security, static MAC forwarding and
layer 2 MAC filtering, will ensure maximum protection for your network

Stream real-time voice and video without a glitch
Extensive QoS and CoS features such as 802.1Q VLAN tagging, Voice VLAN, input priority mapping, 802.1p Class of Service and IP TOS precedence will ensure realtime service for even the most demanding applications.

The GS1900 is a series of switches with full non-blocking bandwidth of up to 1 Gbps per port. An ideal upgrade from an unmanaged switch, it’s a great choice for SMBs that want to enjoy high-speed business network applications at full wired non-blocking speed.

The ZyXEL GS1900 range has the features, performance and versatility you’ll need to optimise your network, plus the efficiency to bring down your bills. This high-performance and energy-smart managed switch range is designed to cut your bills and protect your investment with intelligent, high-power PoE options, and optimised power consumption. The range includes switches with 8 to 48 ports, High Power PoE models, and SFP uplink options. Advanced traffic management is included as standard alongside all the other features you would expect from a ZyXEL switch, including user-friendly web-based management, IPv6 support and integrated security

Zyxel One Networking
Plug into the power of the Zyxel One Network
Aiming for relieving our customers from the repetitive operations of deploying and managing a network, Zyxel One Network is designed to simplify the configuration, management, and troubleshooting, allowing our customers to focus on the business priorities. Zyxel One Network presents an easy-to-use tool, Zyxel One Network Utility (ZON Utility), to realize speed network setup. It is a unified installation tool to discover and configure Zyxel Switches, WLAN and Gateways in the network. Users can easily maintain the network in one single platform.

Web Managed Advaced Features
Easy, intuitive wizard set-up
For small businesses that want to manage their infrastructure in advance, the Zyxel GS1900 Series comes with a friendly built-in Web-based browser for simple configuration and management. Moreover, the friendly step-by-step intuitive wizard helps avoid multiple complicated configuration pages for quick set up with few clicks in a matter of minutes. To guide the users from start-up, VLAN, Guest VLAN to QoS setting, the Zyxel Series offers the four most common steps and combines them into a quick and easy setup wizard; which does not just save deployment time and effort, but is also helpful, especially for the non-IT staff.

Web managed with advanced features
Designed to support advanced features like VLAN (for segregation of your public and private networks), enhanced Quality of Service (for better bandwidth management), IGMP Snooping, Link Aggregation (LAG), IPv6 and DoS prevention, this switch helps you segregate and prioritize traffic streams and keep up with your network as it grows.

Versatility and flexibility for different needs
The complete Zyxel GS1900 Series has an essential portfolio of 8/10/16/24/48- port compact desktop and rackmount size with GbE connectivity. All models support multiple deployment methods to fulfill the needs for small offices and meeting room environments such as a wall, under the table or desktop mounting and rackmount options. It’s now quick and effortless to enjoy high-speed business network applications without a hitch.

Intelligent PoE+ powers more devices
PoE models of GS1900 Series support IEEE 802.3at providing a maximum of 30 W per port features with default PoE consumption mode to deliver only the actual power required by your networked devices, reserve the rest and optimizes its power budget. That means a single switch can power more APs, IP cameras and VoIP phones, ensuring a better ROI for your business.


8-port GbE Smart Managed Switch

8-port GS1900

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24-port GbE Smart Managed Switch

24-port GS1900

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48-port GbE Smart Managed Switch

48-port GS1900

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As part of the ‘VLAN Topology Setup’ series from Zyxel, the below video showcases how to configure basic VLAN setups on different device types. In this case the Zyxel GS1900-10HP.