The Need For A Higher Level Of Service Via Your Data Centre

Many of us are reliant on our data centre. Any downtime will result in spiralling costs to us, the customer. Any downtime for the data centre will result in a huge amount of goodwill lost.

The energy requirements of data will be dependent on the amount of data and the storage hardware required. However, recent figures revealed that a staggering 90% of data centres servers run idle. Efficiency is of paramount importance!

Thankfully times are changing, rapidly, and precision cooling systems have been designed specifically to meet the needs of data centre heat loads and have very different service and maintenance needs than standard building air conditioning which is designed for occupant comfort.

For data centre managers, there is a considerable need to keep a close eye on energy costs, while maintaining the correct cooling, so that serves are not in danger of overheating.

Another recent statistic is that up to 70% of a data centre’s energy is spent is for cooling and air handling, so increasing cooling efficiency is vital to reducing costs.  Remember an efficient cooling system is not an air conditioning unit; thankfully, the days of walking into a room fit for cooling meats are long gone!  Today a great cooling system will separate the hot air before it has had time to circulate and do its damage.

Here at Comms, we have a great selection of cooling solutions, at various competitive prices.

Switches are quite possibly the most critical and expensive piece of equipment in a rack, so it is important that they are kept at the correct temperature. If they are regularly exposed to excessive temperatures, it can reduce their life by up to 50%. The range of SwitchAir cooling products eliminates this problem by delivering air directly to switches and network devices wherever they are located in the rack. This range is compatible with all brands of rackmount devices, and it is available with front, side and rear airflow combinations.

Here is a quick look at just two of the Geist range.

Geist SwitchAir 1U

Includes a new build channel to replace switch mounting rails and delivers cool air to network switches with side air intake. The great thing about this product is that it installs in minutes while network switch is live.

More on this product:

Geist SwitchAir 2U

Effective cool air delivery for the front of rack-mounted multi RU switches Universal for side intake switch types.

Placing core network switches in an enclosed rack is a preferred design, but it can be a challenge to deal with the heat generated by the devices. Due to design constraints and equipment density, intake air is typically at the sides of the switch chassis with heat exhaust out the rear or opposite side of the switch.

SwitchAir 2U ensures side intake switches are able to receive the required cool air from outside the rack. SwitchAir delivers air to the switch via the SwitchAir cold air curtain. SwitchAir 2U works with switches having side intake with multiple exhaust configurations.

You’ll be surprised how much energy and costs can be saved!

Until next time…