There is sometimes a feeling with tech support professionals that their expertise and hard work are under-valued, under-estimated or simply ignored by the very clients they are so desperate to help.

We wanted to find out if this was really how ICT support really feel about their work and their relationships with their clients – so we asked tech support professionals around the world to share their stories and to let us know how they feel about their roles as The Heroes of ICT.

“My Laptop have been hit by a car could you help?”

And this wasn’t even the craziest story (by a long way!)

ICT Expertise Misunderstood or Simply Mis-used?

One of the ICT heroes we interviewed provided us with a story which perfectly highlighted how some clients will get the support they need, but rather than thanking the support professional will question the value of their expert services:

Them “Did you just Google that”

Me “Yes – it was the quickest way to find out what the error code was telling us”

Them “Well I could’ve done that, what exactly are we paying you for…”

long silence then…

Them “hang on, what’s a driver got to do with computers”

In fact, we came across story after story which demonstrated that clients also log a large number of calls for problems that they could have resolved themselves:

“My manager called me over in a panic that his monitor wasn’t working. I shot over and began looking at the cables round the back. It was dark, so I asked him if I could switch the lights on and he said “They’re not working either!”. It was at this stage I passed the job over to our electrician!”

“I had a support call logged asking me which button they needed to press to turn the computer back on, turned out it was a laptop and they’d taken the battery out”

So, if you’re ever having a bad day or dealing with a difficult customer, we want you to understand that we appreciate your expertise and value the hard work of The Heroes of ICT everywhere. Which is why we have compiled this original research survey to show you that you are not alone and that there are other heroes just like you!

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