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“At Schneider Electric, we make a meaningful impact by helping all to improve their efficiency, reach for their sustainability goals, and bolster long-term resilience, performance, and well-being.”

– Jean-Pascal Tricorire, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.

Schneider Electric are very committed to playing their part in helping the planet. They aim to make the most of their energy and resources to accelerate sustainability for all. See the highlights from their 2022 sustainability reports.

Their 6 long-term commitments include:

Act for a climate-positive world

Schneider Electric is continuously investing back into the development of innovative solutions in line with its carbon pledge. Their aim is to deliver solutions that provide immediate and lasting decarbonization.

Be efficient with resources

Behaving responsibly, Schneider Electric is always trying to make the most out of its digital technology to help preserve the planet.

Live up to our principles of trust

Working in line with the standards they set, Schneider Electric always upholds high social, governance, and ethical standards.

Create equal opportunities

To ensure Schneider Electric continues to develop and contribute the best quality solutions they can, they ensure all employees are uniquely valued and work in an inclusive environment.

Harness the power of all generations

Each generation paves the way for the next through fostering, learning, upskilling, and developing as a whole.

Empower local communities

Using local initiatives and enabling individuals and partners, Schneider Electric is making sustainability a reality for all.

Climate 2022 Highlights

Net-Zero targets image Schneider Electric are among one of the first to get Net-Zero targets validated for their entire value chain.
Zero Carbon Project image Their Zero Carbon Project helped suppliers to reduce 10% of their CO2 emissions.

Resource 2022 Highlights

100% use of recycled cardboard image Reaching 100% use of recycled cardboard in India, China, and EU distribution centers.
deforestation-free wood image Commitment to deforestation-free wood in their operations and supply chain
Joined the International Copper Alliance image Joined the International Copper Alliance for more sustainable and responsible material sourcing.


Trust 2022 Highlights

Sustainability Impact Awards image Launched the Sustainability Impact Awards to promote a sustainable culture.
Institutional Investor's Awards image Won the ‘Most Honored Company in Europe’ at the Institutional Investor’s Awards 2022.
cybersecurity and ethics training image Developed cybersecurity and ethics training for all employees.


Equal 2022 Highlights

Won 'International Employer of the Year' image Won ‘International Employer of the Year’ in recognition of their mental health and wellbeing program.
 Valuable 500 image Joined the Valuable 500 and committed to innovate on disability inclusion.


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