Apple has released iOS 17.4, which includes a bunch of new emojis. There are 118 new emojis in total, including a phoenix, a lime, and four gender-neutral families. There are also new side profile emojis of people walking and running.

iOS 17.4 Emoji Changelog

Apple’s latest update for iPhones and iPads (iOS 17.4) brings a bunch of new emojis, 118 to be exact! This update also includes changes to 26 existing family emojis to make them more consistent with the new gender-neutral family emoji options. All these new emojis were approved last year (September 2023) and their designs haven’t changed since the update was first being tested.

Remember those sneak peeks of new emojis back in January with the first iOS 17.4 beta? Well, the wait is over! Here’s a breakdown of the exciting additions:

  • Brand new emojis: There are six all-new emojis, including two for shaking your head (sideways and up and down!), a mythical phoenix rising from the ashes, a refreshing lime, and a realistic brown mushroom (perfect for all your culinary adventures!).
  • More family representation: Four new emojis represent families without specifying genders, giving you more options to show your loved ones you care.
  • Side-by-side people emojis: You can now choose from 108 new variations of existing people emojis facing different directions, adding a touch of detail to your messages.

Q: What exactly is an emoji?

A: Emojis are small digital images or icons used to convey emotions, ideas, and objects in electronic communication. They’ve become a universally recognized form of expression, adding personality and nuance to text-based conversations.

Emojis are more than just smiley faces! They encompass a wide range of categories, including facial expressions, animals, food and drinks, objects, symbols, and flags. Essentially, they act as digital shorthand, allowing you to express yourself visually without needing extra words.

With 118 new emoji to choose from, including expressive faces, mythical creatures, and delicious food options, iOS 17.4 opens up a world of fresh ways to communicate. The update also promotes inclusivity with gender-neutral family emojis and adds a layer of detail with directional variations of existing people emojis. So, grab your iPhone or iPad, explore the new selection, and get ready to (Comms) express yourself in exciting new ways!