Ladies and gentleman, Comms Express are pleased to introduce ‘Business Central Wireless Manager’ from our friends at Netgear.

As always Netgear is thinking about the end user and how to make things simple for us. The service platform Business Central has been conceived to offer small to mid-sized businesses an affordable way to create and administer key IT networking services and network devices. Effortlessly!

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, Business Central provides enterprise-grade service levels with sophisticated client load balancing and redundancy to ensure maximum uptime while minimising capital cost expenditures.

Wireless Manager is the first service to be introduced under Business Central and it is great! Using Wireless Manager makes life easy for businesses with multiple sites such as retail chains, coffee shops and those with several branch offices to roll out the same settings to every location and manage it all centrally.

Senior director of product management for the NETGEAR Commercial Business Unit, Peter Newton enthused about its capabilities.

“Having multiple standalone access points is no longer feasible as configuration changes become routine rather than occasional. However, for some organisations, the jump to a managed wireless LAN network can become demanding and overly complex for both IT budgets and IT resources.”

“What’s needed is a bridge solution between standalone APs and a controller, where flexibility, scalability and ease-of-use are standard and — more importantly — affordable,” adds Newton. “For small to large enterprises and organisations with single to multiple branch locations, our Business Central Wireless Manager maximises ROI and is the optimum tool for easy and cost-effective centralised WiFi management. It’s an effective solution for both customer-deployed scenarios as well as a VAR-managed service. VARs and their customers can benefit from a free 90-day introductory trial”.

So how does Business Central Wireless Manager work? Well all management is performed remotely through a standard web browser. Admins can manage wireless SSIDs, configure wireless security settings, control free or fee-paying guest and private Wi-Fi access on the network, and run bandwidth usage reports. It allows clear, comprehensive and real-time visibility into the network for total control of evolving service needs.

As we said for businesses running multiple locations this is a major advancement. For instance most restaurants and coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi. More and more of us are adopting network-connected machines and with the ‘Internet of Things’ we have machines communicating with one another. Recent figures show that 3 out of 4 devices will connect wirelessly to the network. All of these new devices and communication will place huge burdens on network systems. Administrators will need to understand how much bandwidth it is taking up to avoid congestion. Business Central Wireless Manager delivers managed Wi-Fi in a cost-effective manner.

We are super excited by Business Central Wireless Manager and you can find further details here.

Until next time…