Halloween, Orphan, The Shining and Friday the 13th all scare us rotten here at Comms. However, that said we do love a bit of Halloween.

The clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in, and we’re all set. Yes, it is the time of year when the little devils knock at your door with the lovely refrain, “Trick or Treat!” I loved it as a young guy. It was all very innocent. A few bits of your mums make-up, an old shirt from your dad ripped to bits. Although I do recall the year, I got that bit mixed up and decorated one of his best work shirts! I didn’t need too much fake blood!

Nowadays things have moved on a little.  We spend the weekend carving pumpkins only to find that you can have them already done and no worries troubling yourself with a candle. I saw a pumpkin that lights up when it hears a noise. I have to say that it looked great and beat being covered in pulp and seeds, not to mention the copious cuts!

So with that in mind, I decided to look at other nifty pieces of tech to make this Halloween go with a bump!

I found these bad boys!

Digital Dudz masks – from £30.99 at morphsuits.co.uk

With one of this new range of smartphone activated masks, you’re definitely set to win that ‘best party costume’ prize. Select your ghoulish character from a range of maggot-munching zombies and friends and, when you’ve downloaded the free app, simply open the mask up, pop your handset inside and marvel as it all comes to (sort of) life. Utterly brilliant.

Mini Fogger Mist Generator– £19.99 at maplin.co.uk

Create the perfectly spooky atmosphere at your Halloween bash with this clever little box. Stick it inside any water feature, then stand back and marvel at its mystical mist-making abilities. You can even use the LEDs to light it up, for extra ghoulish points. Very effective piece of kit.

Star Wars Darth Mood Light – from £17.95 at red5.co.uk

The best part about having one of these Darth-themed lamps is that they’re not just for Halloween (though they do come into their own on October 31). The brilliantly themed, battery-powered lamp also comes in two sizes, and – for non-Darth fans – also comes in Stormtrooper style.

Moving eyeball t-shirt – £20.99 from morphsuits.co.uk

Who knew getting ready for Halloween night was as simple as throwing on a t-shirt? Well, as long as it’s this brilliantly gruesome eye-ball rolling t-shirt. Stick your smartphone, with its eyeball moving app, into the secure pouch inside the garment, then tap the screen, and off you go.

Zombie Gnomes – £14.99 from Firebox

You’ve got to have your garden set the scene right? Well, add the right kind of ambience with a Zombie Gnome or two!  You now have a choice to make, the infected version who just stands looking all flesh hungry-like or the creeper whose lack of a lower half renders him only able to shift his torso around.

So yes, dear readers, things have moved on when it comes to Halloween. The scare season like all the others is no longer the sweet thing it was in our bygone era. No, you can now scare the bejesus out of your nearest and dearest with style!! I suppose if something is worth doing ….

Until next time…