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The APC NetShelter SX rack is ready for the highest-density or edge environments offering the most standard features on the market. Using 15 years of customer feedback, the SX range has been designed to handle any applications for power-hungry, high-density server and networking applications to remote edge computing applications.

Best-in-Class Design

The SX series offers more standard features than ever before to facilitate installation and speed of deployment. Being the base building block to EcoStruxure Data Centre Solutions, it can integrate seamlessly with all EcoStruxure components.

Greatest Flexibility

Being built to fit such a wide variety of applications, the design needed to reflect this which is why the SX enclosures are available in such a wide range of heights, widths, and depths. To get you up and running as quickly as possible the vertical rack PDUs are able to be installed quickly and easily.

Superior Cable Management

To keep up with the busy environments it will be places in, the SX series can accommodate a variety of high-density networking and blade applications. Installation is made as quick and easy as possible to facilitate faster and easier moves, adds, and changes. In busy environments like this, cooling needs to be as efficient as possible to keep your equipment running properly which is why the SX series promotes proper airflow throughout the enclosure.

Full Features

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Cable Access Roof

  • Eight cable entry slots
  • Toolless mounting of overhead cable trough system
  • Snap-in mounting for easy roof removal and installation

Integrated Baying Brackets

  • Pre-Installed on front and back of the frame
  • Spacing options at 24 in or 600 mm
  • Bays with other InfraStruxure power and cooling products

Pre-installed Levelling Feet and Caster

  • Easily adjustable levelling from top down
  • Casters standard on all enclosures

Toolless, Zero U Accessory Channel

  • Toollessly mount Rack PDUs
  • Toollessly mount vertical cableorganizers

Easily Adjustable Vertical Mounting Rails

  • Simple screw and cam engagement
  • Captive screws – No loose hardware
  • Easy visual alignment for quick adjustment
  • 1/4 inch increments through enclosure
  • Hole cutouts for 0U installation (AR8469) of Data Distribution Cable (DDC) accessories

Half-height side panels

  • Easy and safe handling
  • Quick release latch
  • Lockable – same key as doors
  • Enclosure width the same with or without sides installed

Other Standard Features Include:

  • Integrated electrical bonding of sides, doors, roof, and rails to frame
  • Ventilated front and rear doors
  • Split-rear ventilated rear doors for better clearance in hot aisle
  • Numbered U positions front and back
  • Open bottom for unobstructed under-floor access
  • 1700 kg (3,750 lb) static load, 1020 kg (2,250 lb) dynamic (rolling) load*
  • UL Listed
  • Electronic Industries Association (EIA)/ECA-310-E compliant
  • Meets IBC® seismic requirements with proper bolt-down hardware

*Excluding 12, 18, and 24U heights

Edge Computing Applications

Edge deployments allow you to leverage the benefits of IoT by placing your compute power and analysis closer to your operations to eliminate latency issues. Whatever operation you’re a part of, edge computing helps to enable real-time decision making by eliminating the need for your data to travel hundreds or thousands of miles.

Converged IT

Due to IT hardware trending towards converged infrastructure and single-source IT providers, the need for a simplified prebuilt and pretested solution is in demand. Schneider Electric’s range of racks are optimized for situations like this with solutions that are prebuilt, pretested, racked, and shipped ready to go for a truly end-to-end converged system.

APC NetShelter SX Server Racks

World’s most versatile rack enclosure!

APC NetShelter SX Server Racks
This feature-rich rack enclosure has been optimised for easy installation, managing cables, integrating power distribution, and maximizing airflow.


  • Integrated with InfraStruxure products
  • Vendor-neutral EIA-310 19in Rack Mounting Compatibility Guaranteed
  • Optimized for high capacity cable management systems
  • Cable access openings with pre-installed brushes
  • Integrated electrical grounding

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