Ditch the server room hum! APC NetShelter Soundproof Racks offer a sleek, quiet alternative, ideal for offices, classrooms, & more. Reduce noise, boost focus, and keep your IT gear happy.

Key Takeaways

  • Silence the Roar: APC NetShelter Racks dramatically reduce server noise, creating a calmer work environment.
  • Plug & Play Perfection: All-in-one design with cooling, cable management, and PDU for easy deployment.
  • Space Saver: No dedicated server room needed! These racks fit seamlessly into any non-IT space.
  • Built to Last: Sturdy construction and dynamic load strength handle even dense IT equipment.
  • Peace of Mind: Thermostat-controlled fans, UL certification, and secure access protect your valuable tech.

Q: How can I reduce server noise in my office?

A: APC NetShelter Soundproof Racks provide a cost-effective, plug-and-play solution to quiet noisy servers and network equipment, making your office environment more pleasant and productive.

In modern society, the relentless hum of servers and networking equipment has become an integral part of our lives. Whether you work in a bustling office, a small server room, or even a home office, the constant noise generated by IT equipment can be a significant source of distraction. This is where APC’s NetShelter Soundproof Racks come to the rescue, offering an innovative solution that not only reduces noise pollution but also enhances your work environment. In this blog, I will introduce you to some of APC’s soundproof racks and explore the features and benefits of these APC NetShelter Soundproof Racks.

APC is a renowned manufacturer of power protection and management solutions. They recognised the need for a quieter, more efficient environment in IT spaces, and therefore introduced the NetShelter Soundproof Racks. These racks are engineered to address the noise problem while ensuring the safety and functionality of your IT equipment.

The Soundproof Rack options:

1.APC NetShelter Soundproof, 12U, Server Rack Enclosure, Maple


Key Features include:

  • Versatility for Multiple Environments: Tailored for bank branches, retail spaces, offices, healthcare facilities, and classrooms, offering adaptable solutions.
  • Enhanced Performance: Experience a new level of excellence with 2x dynamic load strength, thermostat-controlled functionality, and UL certification.
  • Intelligent Design: Engineered for Strength and Simplicity: Our product is designed to be robust and smart without requiring dedicated IT staff for operation.
  • Exceptional Strength: Achieve more with double the dynamic strength, ensuring reliability and longevity.
  • Climate-Controlled Efficiency: Enjoy the convenience of thermostat-controlled fans, optimizing performance while minimizing energy consumption.
  • Streamlined Cable Management: Benefit from integrated cable management to maintain a neat and organized workspace.
  • Trusted Quality: Our product boasts UL certification, a symbol of safety and quality you can rely on

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2.APC NetShelter Soundproof, 32U, Server Rack Enclosure, Maple

Key features include:

  • Innovative Control: Equipped with thermostat-controlled fans, maintaining optimal temperature conditions with precision.
  • Streamlined Organization: Featuring integrated cable management for a clutter-free and efficient workspace.
  • Rigorous Safety Standards: Comes with UL certification, assuring the highest safety and quality standards are met.
  • Simplified Maintenance: Engineered for increased strength and intelligence, all without the need for dedicated IT staff.

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3.APC NetShelter Soundproof, 17U, Server Rack Enclosure, Maple


Key features include:

  • Keep equipment Cool – Fans in the cabinet rear extract hot air out of the rack and draw cool ambient air in through the front. Each fan module provides 1.2kW of efficient cooling without requiring costly dedicated air conditioning.
  • Avoid noise Complaints – Loud servers are reduced to normal office background (18.5 dBA reduction) with soundproof cabinet lining while also keeping them cool. Simply set the rack thermostat, and “whisper quiet” cabinet fans will remove excess heat, preventing noisy server fans from turning on.
  • Packaged accordingly-This server-room-in-a-box comes with everything you need to replace a basic IT closet – security, cooling, power, and cable management. Just add IT gear. With APC NetShelter Soundproof Racks, you can regain valuable space and standardize across multiple sites.
  • Main Input Voltage: 230 V

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In conclusion, the APC NetShelter Soundproof Racks represent a highly effective solution for businesses and organizations seeking to manage their IT equipment in a quieter and more controlled environment. These racks offer a combination of advanced soundproofing technology, robust construction, and efficient thermal management features, making them a valuable addition to any data centre or office setting.