APC Micro Data Centers by Schneider Electric are all-in-one IT solutions offering pre-configured power, cooling, security, and monitoring for quick deployment.

Key Takeaways:

  • APC Micro Data Centers are ideal for businesses needing fast and efficient IT infrastructure.
  • They provide a complete solution with power, cooling, security, and monitoring.
  • Pre-configuration enables rapid deployment, saving time and resources.

Question: What are APC Micro Data Centers?

Answer: APC Micro Data Centers are all-in-one IT solutions from Schneider Electric that combine power, cooling, security, and monitoring into a single, pre-configured package for quick and easy deployment.

An all-in-one IT solution

APC EcoStruxure micro data centers by Schneider Electric are complete IT solutions that provide power, cooling, security and monitoring all in an enclosed rack system. Everything in a compact package allows for more flexible installation and options, and Local Edge Configuration helps you to rapidly optimize edge computing solutions.

The benefits of micro data centers

APC Fast icon APC Flexible icon APC Simple icon
Fast Flexible Simple
Faster edge rollouts and validated reference designs allow you to save time. Local edge Configuration (LEC) allows for easier deployment and selection, and a global distribution system allows for much shorter lead times. Micro data centers come in wall-mountable, ruggedized, and soundproof options to allow them to fit to any envrionments. Be able to deploy anywhere your data needs to take you. Micro data centers come in standardised, repeatable designs so they can arrive to you preconfigured, pretested, and pre-integrated for seamless compatibility.
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Secure Integrated Cost efficient
Reduce your physical security threats and increase your cybersecurity with remote monitoring and management options. Fulfill your enterprise needs rapidly and reliably with fully integrated, all-in-one designs. Decrease the need for on-site staff or service calls with visability and management through APC’s cloud-based platform.

Replace your IT room

Micro data centre solutions are able to meet the challenges at the edge and deliver a unified IoT architecture by bridging the gap between OT and IT. Schneider Electric have a wide range of enclosures available for traditional IT spaces, harsh or industrial areas, and office or commercial spaces.


APC SmartBunker Micro Data Center

APC SmartBunker Micro Data Center
The SmartBunker will protect your sensitive IT equipment from harsh envrinments, vandalism, and natural disasters and will maintain optimal temperatures to maintain the longevity of your devices.

The SmartBunker an replace small server rooms for remote locations, factories, and production facilites. They are also pre-manufactured and pretested so they can be easily integrated with other systems.

Minimize network delays by bringing the processing capacity closer to production. The SmartBunker improves the real-time processing and decisions for exploration, on-site production, andn forward operation bases.


  • Multi-point locking door and Netbotz Rack Access proximity card locking system
  • StruxureWare Data Center Expert software for remote management and real-time monitoring
  • Switched and metered rack PDU with remote monitoring
  • InRow self-contained, active DX cooling with monitoring, controls, and display
  • Smart-UPS On-line with remote management
  • Sealed cable entries

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APC Micro Data Center XPress

APC Micro Data Center XPress
These APC Micro Data Centers arrive ready to deploy to significantly reduce installation times and costs. They come with shock packaged rack, two UPS, two switched rack PDUs, NetBotz 250 with rack access handles, one temperature/humidity probe, blanking panels, and brush strip.


  • Remote management for maximum uptime
  • Physically secure to prevent unauthorized access
  • IT vendor validated infrastructure
  • IT equipment can be preinstalled and shipped to the customer site
  • Designed for the latest converged and hyperconverged IT systems

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APC Micro Data Center S-Series

APC Micro Data Center S-Series
Highly customisable and easy to configure, the S-series is ideal for server rooms and network closets.

  • Cable access roof
  • Integrates seamlessly with EcoStruxure components
  • Available in a wide range of heights, widths, and depths
  • Easy installation to enable faster and easier moves, adds, and change
  • Promotes proper airflow to improve cooling efficiency

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This is just a brief look at the APC Range, if you require more Schneider Electric equipment for your business, you can check our Schneider Electric microsite for a wide range of APC products to suit your needs.


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